Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Review - The Southern Side of Paradise

Title:  The Southern Side of Paradise
Author:  Kristy Woodson Harvey
Series:  Peachtree Bluff #3
Genre:   Women's Fiction
Publisher:   Gallery Books
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  400 
Date of Publication:  May 7, 2019
My Rating:  5 Stars


From internationally bestselling author and “rising star of Southern fiction” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author) Kristy Woodson Harvey comes the third novel in her Peachtree Bluff series, in which a secret threatens the tight-knit bond between a trio of sisters and their mother.

With the man of her dreams back in her life and all three of her daughters happy, Ansley Murphy should be content. But she can’t help but feel like it’s all a little too good to be true.

Meanwhile, youngest daughter and actress Emerson, who is recently engaged and has just landed the role of a lifetime, seemingly has the world by the tail. Only, something she can’t quite put her finger on is worrying her—and it has nothing to do with her recent health scare.

When two new women arrive in Peachtree Bluff—one who has the potential to wreck Ansley’s happiness and one who could tear Emerson’s world apart—everything is put in perspective. And after secrets that were never meant to be told come to light, the powerful bond between the Murphy sisters and their mother comes crumbling down, testing their devotion to each other and forcing them to evaluate the meaning of family.

With Kristy Woodson Harvey’s signature charm, wit, and heart, The Southern Side of Paradise is another masterful Peachtree Bluff novel that proves she is a “Southern writer with staying power” (Booklist).


The Southern Side of Paradise is the third book in the Peachtree Bluff series. Those following the series by now are more than familiar with Ansley Murphy and her three adult daughters Caroline, Sloane and Emerson. As the second book in the series closed, Emerson has made a major announcement. All the while, Ansley has been drawing close to a former love, Jack, but they share a secret that could destroy the warm bond shared between Ansley and her daughters.

Emerson, the youngest and an actress, has just gotten engaged. Meanwhile, she has gotten the role she's been dreaming on. But things just are not quite right, and this includes a major health scare.

This was a very emotional read, but it certainly had its light moments, and I appreciate when the tension was lifted, because I was able to laugh aloud. I love the way these books were structured. Ansley is the principle character, and in the first book we got Caroline's point of view, in the second, Sloane's and in this one, Emerson's. Although Emerson is now engaged, she faces some difficult choices and very deep emotions. 

Ansley and Jack have come a long way from the first book. But it is Ansley's unselfishness and her motherly love that could still possibly be the undoing of everything good that she deserves.

I adored this family. I absolutely loved the conclusion. Things were wrapped up very nicely for Ansley and her daughters. There were no loose ends and everyone involved has plenty to look forward to. I just found Kristy Woodson Harvey when I got this review copy, so I had the opportunity to read all three books on succession.

The previous two titles are Simply South of Simple and The Secret to Southern Charm. I highly applaud Ms. Woodson and definitely recommend this entire series. Although the backstory is clearly relayed, and this could indeed serve as a standalone novel, I do think the experience would be accentuated by reading it in order.

Many thanks to Gallery Books and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Kristy Woodson Harvey is the internationally bestselling author of DEAR CAROLINA, LIES AND OTHER ACTS OF LOVE, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE, THE SECRET TO SOUTHERN CHARM and the forthcoming THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF PARADISE. Kristy was a finalist for the Southern Book Prize, her work has been optioned for film and her books have received numerous accolades.


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