Wednesday, August 23, 2023

BLOG TOUR - A Body in the Cornish Village



Cornish cream teas in the sun, dog walks on the beach and… a murder investigation? Can Kate Palmer – part-time nurse and cake-loving sleuth – solve her most baffling case yet?

Kate Palmer is delighted when she learns that her home, the beautiful seaside village of Tinworthy, is the setting for a new TV show. She’s even more excited when she, her handsome husband Woody and her drama queen sister Angie are all invited to be extras. But when the cameras start rolling, the trio are in for a nasty surprise when the film’s writer and producer, Crispin Wyngarde, drops dead…

Before long, rumours start flying and Angie is in the spotlight for murder. Kate knows her sister had a brief, stormy fling with Crispin during her younger days as an actress, but surely Angie couldn’t have hated him 
that much, could she?

Kate is certain of her sister’s innocence, and is determined to prove it. But who would want to kill Crispin and set the stage for Angie to take the fall? 
Could it be Fergal, Angie’s jealous boyfriend? Sonja, the eccentric director, who had a love-hate relationship with Crispin? Or gorgeous Guy, the hairdresser who’s held a grudge against the problematic producer for years?

Armed with a list of possible culprits, Kate sets out to interview everyone she can. Over cups of tea, secrets start to spill out about overheard conversations and mysterious money transfers. But just as Kate thinks she’s finally on the right track, her main suspect is found dead after a party in the village. To make matters worse, he’s one of Angie’s old flames too…

Kate needs to solve the crime – and quick – to save her feisty sister. Can she untangle the clues and get to the truth, before it’s curtains down for Angie?

If you love murder mysteries with a brilliant cast of characters, twisty plots and plenty of tea and cake, A Body in a Cornish Village will have you hooked until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Faith Martin and Joy Ellis.


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Title:   A 
Body in the Cornish Village 
Author:  Dee MacDonald
Series:  Kate Palmer #7
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Cozy Mystery 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  287
Date of Publication:   August 17, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars 


Acting in a film, with quite a small role, pales in comparison to Kate Palmer's successful endeavor as an amateur sleuth. Nonetheless, with a television show being filmed in Kate’s lovely town of Tinworthy, Kate, husband Woody and her sister Angie, are among those chosen to be extras. When the writer and producer of the show is killed, there is evidence that points to Angie as the chief suspect. 

Kate is not only determined to prove Angie’s innocence, she is planning to discover the identity of the killer. If there is a chance that Angie has been framed then Kate certainly has her work cut out for her. 

This enjoyable read is a very nice addition in the delightful cozy mystery series by Dee MacDonald. I love all the characters and the dynamic they share. Each book in this series has been a joy to read. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion. 


Aged 18, Dee arrived in London from Scotland and typed her way round the West End for a couple of years before joining BOAC (forerunner of British Airways) in Passenger Services for 2 years and then as a stewardess for 8 years.

She has worked in Market Research, Sales and at the Thames TV Studios when they had the franchise.

Dee has since relocated to Cornwall, where she spent 10 years running B&Bs, and only began writing when she was over 70!

Married twice, she has one son and two grandsons.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

BLOG TOUR - The Child Who Lived



stria, 1942: In Mauthausen concentration camp, two prisoners dare to fall in love. When a baby is born – a miracle baby born behind the gates of hell – they vow to escape. Inspired by true events, this powerful World War Two novel tells the incredible and inspirational tale of two ordinary people who risk everything to achieve the impossible.


As Lore is pushed through the towering gates of Mauthausen concentration camp, she holds little hope of ever leaving, knowing that usually death is the only way out.


But soon, when Lore meets fellow prisoner Wolf, she commits the ultimate act of resistance against the brutal SS by falling desperately in love, finding solace and hope in this hell on earth. And when Lore falls pregnant, they know they have to fight to not only survive, but escape.


Together they must achieve the impossible: bringing new life into a death camp, and risking their own to ensure their child who wasn’t meant to survive, will become the child who lived…


Fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz and The Choice will be incredibly gripped by this tearjerking page-turner. Based on true events, this unforgettable World War Two novel shows that even in darkness, love can sometimes find a way.


Title:   The Child Who Lived
Author:  Ellie Midwood
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Historical Fiction 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  282
Date of Publication: August 15, 2023
My Rating:   5 Stars

There are so many takes when it comes to reading historical fiction. In this WWII story, a group of women prisoners in Mauthausen concentration camp had very specific duties. One of the prisoners, Lore, falls in love with another prisoner named Wolf and she becomes pregnant. Having a child in these conditions would be rather tragic indeed. 

Lore’s fellow women prisoners help her while she is carrying the baby, all while Wolf strives to find escape for them in order to give them all a fighting chance. Considering that the camp they are in is clearly a death camp, time is truly of the essence if any of them are going to survive. 

What an amazing story of survival. I could’t imagine having a baby under those circumstances, especially when food was hard to come by, as well as the brutally harsh treatment they all had to endure. But this latest book by Ellie Midwood was a powerful story of survival, hope and love. It was also a story of friendship when considering the other prisoners alongside Lore. Notably, this story was inspired from true events, and that made it all that more impactful. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Ellie Midwood is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author, whose works have been translated into 14 languages. She owes her interest in the history of the Second World War to her grandfather, Junior Sergeant in the 2nd Guards Tank Army of the First Belorussian Front, who began telling her about his experiences on the frontline when she was a young girl. Growing up, her interest in history only deepened and transformed from reading about the war to writing about it. After obtaining her BA in Linguistics, Ellie decided to make writing her full-time career and began working on her first full-length historical novel, "The Girl from Berlin." Ellie is continuously enriching her library with new research material and feeds her passion for WWII and Holocaust history by collecting rare memorabilia and documents.

In her free time, Ellie is a health-obsessed yoga enthusiast, neat freak, adventurer, Nazi Germany history expert, polyglot, philosopher, a proud Jew, and a doggie mama. Ellie lives in New York with her fiancé and their two dogs.

Author social media  


Instagram: @elliemidwood


Monday, August 14, 2023

BLOG TOUR - Murder at the Village Fair



Kitty Underhay is riding a carousel… with death.

 1935. Enjoying a belated honeymoon visiting her new husband Matt’s family in the rolling Yorkshire hills, Kitty strolls through a village fair. But when Kitty persuades Matt to visit the fortune teller’s tent, the lovebirds are shocked to find the body of Madame Zaza slumped over her crystal ball, pearl necklace askew and a half-drunk cup of tea at her elbow.

After predicting so many of the villagers’ misfortunes, how did she not foresee her own murder? From a pompous old colonel to a reticent reverend and a dodgy village doctor, Kitty soon feels like half the village had a motive for murder. But with more suspects than tarot cards, she and Matt are no closer to finding the culprit.

Madame Zaza had been a part of the community’s life for decades and discovering a photograph album of the villagers through the years gives Kitty and Matt the breakthrough they’ve been searching for. Kitty is soon hot on the killer’s trail when her sleuthing puts her in terrible danger.
 Will her lucky stars align, or is her life line about to run out?

An utterly sensational and addictive Golden Age murder mystery. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Lee Strauss.

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Title:   Murder at the Village Fair
Author:  Helena Dixon
Series:  Miss Underhay #13
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Cozy Mystery
Format:  Kindle ARC 
No. of Pages:   256
Date of Publication:   May 2, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars 

Away with her new husband, Matt, Kitty Underhay happens upon yet another body. This was to be a nice getaway for them, as they are actually honeymooning and visiting his family. Although she would rather leave the police to it, Kitty can’t leave things as they are, and wait for the them to discover who the murderer was. As an accomplished amateur sleuth, she does what she can to identify the cause of the woman’s murder, and who the responsible party is.

Kitty is a delightful character and I am so glad she has married Matt. As the setting is in the 1930s, the time period is enjoyable as well. This cozy mystery series has been enjoyable from the start and I love how Kitty proves so adept at solving murders. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Helena Dixon splits her time between the Black Country and Devon. Married to the same man for over thirty five years she has three daughters, a cactus called Spike, and a crazy cockapoo. She is allergic to adhesives, apples, tinsel and housework. Her addictions of choice are coffee and reality TV. She was winner of The Romance Prize in 2007 and Love Story of the Year 2010 as Nell Dixon. She now writes historical 1930's set cozy crime. Nell enjoys hearing from readers and you can read her news and contact her via her website at

Saturday, August 12, 2023

BLOG TOUR - The Berlin Wife’s Choice



“I love you more than life itself. But you’re not safe. If you weren’t married to me, you wouldn’t suffer like this, terrorized by the yellow star on my chest. I could never live with myself if something happened to you—because of me.”

Berlin, 1939Edith Falkenstein once lived a fairytale life. Falling in love with Julius introduced her to a world she had only dreamed of. She wore the finest silk dresses to host parties in their historic mansion home.

But those days are a distant memory. Under Nazi rule, her Jewish husband Julius has been stripped of everything. Now the couple share a cramped apartment with other destitute families, and the priceless jewels that once adorned Edith’s neck have been sold to buy food on the black market.

Julius was lucky to escape being imprisoned once, and Edith knows he won’t be so fortunate a second time. The echo of boots marching across the city is a constant reminder of the danger they face. She begs Julius to flee the country, while they still can.

But as war rages across Europe, the journey will be fraught with peril. All Julius has ever wanted is to keep Edith safe. He knows there is only one way to truly protect the woman who stole his heart all those years ago—even if it means breaking hers.

Time is running out and Edith must decide: let Julius go or follow her heart and her husband into the danger that lies ahead…

An absolutely gripping, heartrending story of the lengths we go to for love, that fans of The Tattooist of AuschwitzThe Nightingale and My Name is Eva will adore.


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Title:   The Berlin Wife’s Choice
Author:  Marion Kummerow
Publisher:  Bookouture
Series:  German Wives #2
Genre:   Historical Fiction 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   240
Date of Publication:  August 9, 2023
My Rating:   5 Stars 

In this highly emotive read, principal characters Edith and Helga are living the day in and day out horrors of the Nazi regime. They are among those singled out, forced to sell or even give over their businesses, non-Jewish wives pressured to divorce their Jewish husbands, being forced to wear a compulsory yellow star to identify them as Jews, and so much more, was poured onto those who led happy and productive lives, until they sadly did not.

Although only 240 pages, this book felt long. No, not due to the writing, which was absolutely excellent, just the pure horror that so many who were singled out by the regime, and what they had to experience. I was filled with true sadness while reading this book. Although not an easy read, I think it is well worth reading, as well as the first book in this series, The First Spark of Fire.

Personal note:  Although I am a POC, my great-grandather was Syrian, and although he came over to the US in 1914, I couldn’t help but imagine what some of my other relatives who remained in Syria experienced. Books like this bring the history of millions alive and I don't think their suffering should ever be forgotten. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion. 


Marion Kummerow was born and raised in Germany, before she set out to "discover the world" and lived in various countries. In 1999 she returned to Germany and settled down in Munich where she's now living with her family.

Inspired by the true story about her grandparents, who belonged to the German resistance and fought against the Nazi regime, she started writing historical fiction, set during World War II. Her books are filled with raw emotions, fierce loyalty and resilience. She loves to put her characters through the mangle, making them reach deep within to find the strength to face moral dilemma, take difficult decisions or fight for what is right. And she never forgets to include humor and undying love in her books, because ultimately love is what makes the world go round.

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Friday, August 11, 2023

BLOG TOUR -The Mistake I Made


A man is dead. And only I know why.

As we sit drinking wine by the river and I gaze into his dark brown eyes, I know I have finally met the man of my dreams. I have been hurt before, but this time will be different.

He has a terrible past and everyone tells me he can’t be trusted, but they don’t know what I know. I know deep down that together we can overcome anything.

Because sure he has secrets, but who doesn’t?

But now a man is dead. And the police are knocking on my door.

Was trusting him the biggest mistake I could make…? I don’t know where to go or who to turn to. What if I am next?

This addictive and gripping psychological thriller is perfect for fans of The HousemaidThe Family Across the Street and The Family Upstairs.




:   The Mistake I Made
Author:  Sam Hepburn
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Psychological Thriller
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  359
Date of Publication:   August 11, 2023
My Rating:   5 Stars

Perhaps Vanessa Dunn’s divorce might lead to a fresh start in life. However, her method for starting over proves to be rather suspect, if not completely creepy. With pacing that is intense from the start, as well as a couple of twists, really ratchets up the tension in Sam Hepburn’s latest book, which will no doubt keep the reader invested page after page. 

Becoming a volunteer at a halfway house gives her the idea to help a couple of them even more than they would expect. Meanwhile, her mother is in a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s and Vanessa seems to be quite the dutiful and faithful daughter by spending quality time with her. Her good deeds do not stop there. In fact, Vanessa agrees to help a woman in her search for her child that she gave up to adoption.

It may indeed seem that Vanessa is a kind and caring person. However, as the book progresses, we begin to see traits in Vanessa that aren’t so wonderful. Then, when you consider how this book is paced, it becomes more than a compelling read. The scenes where she spends time with her mother begin to show cracks in what just might seem an ordinary life for Vanessa.

If you want a shocking read that will catch you by surprise more than once, especially as you get to the very end, you cannot go wrong with The Mistake I Made.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Sam Hepburn read modern languages at Cambridge University and, after a brief spell in advertising, joined the BBC as a General Trainee. She worked as a documentary maker for twenty years and was one of the commissioners for the launch of BBC Four. Since then, she has written several books, including psychological thrillers Gone Before and Her Perfect Life, and novels for young adults and children. She won the 2017 CWA Margery Allingham Short Story award and has been nominated for several other prestigious prizes, including the CILIP Carnegie Medal for her YA thrillers.

Sam has worked and travelled widely in Africa and the Middle East, and is a trustee of the Kenyan’s children’s charity, I Afrika. She now lives in London with her husband and children.

Author Social Media Links:

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

BLOG TOUR - The Inn on Bluebell Lane


As Ellie looked at the inn, with its white walls and purple flowers, she couldn’t believe this was her new home. It looked like an idyllic image from a postcard, but would her life here be as picture-perfect?

Ellie and her family move to a tiny village in rural Wales, it’s meant to be a new beginning for all of them. They have decided to take over her husband’s family inn, leaving behind their old life and troubles in America.

But soon after they arrive, Ellie realizes everything is in a far worse state than she’d ever imagined. And as her husband, 
Matthew, begins to tackle the renovations, it’s clear that Matthew’s mother, Gwen, has very firm ideas about what can and cannot be changed. And although Ellie tries, she finds it’s not easy to form a closeness with her prickly mother-in-law, especially now they’re living under the same roof.

As the children struggle to settle into rural life, Ellie’s eldest child, 
Jessica, makes it clear her parents have made a terrible mistake, and Ellie soon wonders if she’s in over her head. Her reality feels a million miles away from the idyllic rural bliss she had hoped to create for her family.

When disaster strikes, Ellie is left wondering why she ever brought her family to this place. But even as things go from bad to worse, she feels sure that the Inn on Bluebell Lane needs her family to restore its fortunes, and that perhaps her family need this magical place to bring them all back together once more…

A gorgeous, escapist story that will leave you imagining the scent of bluebells on every page. Perfect for fans of heart-warming family dramas by Debbie Macomber and Erica James.


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Title: The Inn on Bluebell Lane
Author:  Kate Hewitt
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Women’s Fiction 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   365
Date of Publication:   August 4, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars
Ellie and her husband Matthew, and their four children, have moved from the US to Wales, Matthew’s hometown. When Matthew lost his job due to redundancy, he lost his purpose. However, moving across the pond to help his mother Gwen with their family’s bed-and-breakfast would require big changes and huge sacrifices, but Ellie and Matt felt that it was the best decision for their family. 

Not only does Ellie have to acclimate to her new environment, one of their children, Jessica, misses her friend back in the States, and has trouble adjusting. Meanwhile, Matthew attempts to make repairs and update the bed-and-breakfast as they all try to make Wales their home. With tensions on the rise, this is something that is not easy. 

What a thoroughly enjoyable story. It was easy to imagine what it would be like to uproot one’s life to start all over in a new country, with a moderately large family. I loved the growth that this book displayed while this family grew to love their new home and country, much more than they ever expected to. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Kate Hewitt is the author of many romance and women’s fiction novels. A former New Yorker and now an American ex-pat, she lives in a small town on the Welsh border with her husband, five children, and their overly affectionate Golden Retriever. Whatever the genre, she enjoys telling stories that tackle real issues and touch people’s lives. 

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