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BLOG TOUR and GIVEAWAY - A Rake Like You

A Rake Like You by Becky Michaels

Publication Date: August 31, 2021
Mildred Press

Series: Linfield Hall, Book #2
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency


About to turn thirty, Charles Finch finally realizes his luck has run out. He’s twenty thousand pounds in debt, his entire family hates him, and the powerful Duke of Rutley is watching his every move. So Charles sets out to do what any handsome but impoverished earl would: find a young lady with an impressive dowry to marry him and replenish his coffers.

Louisa Strickland much prefers managing the successful estate her father left her to the company of society. But now that her younger sister has come of age, Louisa finds herself in Mayfair, forced to protect her family from desperate fortune hunters like her neighbor, Charles Finch. And when Charles sets his sights on Louisa’s sister, Louisa will do anything to avert his attention elsewhere.

As Charles and Louisa find themselves rekindling an old friendship that once went up in flames, Charles begins to wonder if there could be something more between them. He only needs to prove he’s not the man he once was. But unfortunately for Charles, it will take much more than passionate kisses and giving up brandy to convince independent Louisa to marry a rake like him.

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MY RATING:  4 Stars


Louisa Strickland once pretended to be courting Charles Finch in order to dissuade her well-meaning stepmother trying to marry her off. Charles agreed with the plan, while Louisa actually fell in love. Catching Charles in a compromising position with a woman caused Louisa to call off their fake courtship and she had not planned to ever speak to Charles again.

It is now seven years later and Charles is facing bankruptcy. He owes thousands of pounds to an influential duke and beyond that, could lose his estate. Charles needs to marry, and soon. He sets is eyes on Flora, Louisa’s younger  sister, but it doesn't take very long for Charles to see something in Louisa that he once missed. She touches him in a surprising way and he can now see a future together with her.

Charles had long been known to love drink. Gambling. And women. Has he reformed enough to be a suitable suitor for Louisa? If so, how can Louisa be certain his sudden interest is not for her dowry, for her estate? Could he possibly be a reformed rake? Could his interest in her have deeper meaning for him? If so, how can he prove that to her?

Louisa is forced to realize that those long-ago feelings for Charles have resurfaced, never truly lost. Could the pair have their chance at love, all while Louisa also works to help her sister Flora find a suitable marriage mate? Concerned for the estate left to her by her father, Louisa's reticence shines through.

I really enjoyed A Rake Like You. It is the second book in the Linfield Hall series. Although I hadn't had the opportunity to read the first book, Lady August, this one did quite well as a standalone, although it was easy to see who the couple was in the first story. As this second book was such a delightful read, The story was lovely as were the characters. I am eager for the next book in the series, wondering if it will be Louisa's sister Flora's or Charles's sister Rosamund's story.

Many thanks to Becky Michaels, Mildred Press and to HF Virtual Book Tours for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

Please enjoy the following excerpt:
Chapter Three

As it turned out, weaning himself off alcohol wasn’t a pleasant affair for Charles. His mother was lucky she was staying with the Haddingtons up north. After returning to Linfield, he spent most of the day anxiously pacing the house and losing his temper at servants who dared to cross his path. At night, he barely slept due to the constant pounding in his head, not to mention the layer of sweat that coated his body at all hours of the day.

His valet, Gibbs, assured him he would feel better soon, but all Charles truly wanted was a drink. Brandy, wine, even gin. He would have accepted anything. However, it was all out of the question. He had a point to prove to Rutley, his mother, and even his sister Rosamund, so he demanded his valet hide every bottle of wine and liquor in some undisclosed location within the massive country house. And then Charles asked him to begin the process of selling it all, except this time more pleadingly.

The duke was the first to visit Charles at Linfield, leaving London and returning to Kent shortly after him. Rutley immediately inquired over his progress with the Strickland girl, only to discover none had been made, which was how Charles ended up at this dreadful country ball with Rutley, standing behind Louisa Strickland and his land steward, Hardy. A multitude of things irked him at that moment.

First, the apparent familiarity between Louisa and his steward surprised him. He’d had no idea they even knew each other, which irritated him. And second, her complete lack of faith in his ability to save Linfield, not to mention calling him worthless. That hurt. Hadn’t they been friends before? Or had their ruse all those years ago fooled even him?

“Your Grace,” Louisa said immediately to Rutley, dipping her head and curtseying for the taller of the two men. She turned to Charles next, doing the same. “Lord Bolton. I did not see you standing there.”

“Clearly,” he replied, sounding as unamused as he felt. Charles thought he saw the beginnings of a blush on Louisa’s cheeks.

The duke began to bow, and Charles reluctantly did the same, though he pinched his features together with irritation. He had not seen Louisa in years, not since the night at his aunt’s ball in London. At least Rutley knew now that Charles wasn’t exaggerating when he said Louisa hated him.

Despite being six years older, Louisa seemed unchanged from that night so long ago. She was still tall, with the prettiest skin he had ever seen and bright red hair that sat curled on the top of her head.

“I should apologize for what I said earlier,” she said.

“Perhaps—but will you?”

Her cheeks turned an even deeper shade of scarlet. “I was exaggerating, of course, only repeating some idle gossip I heard. I did not mean it.”

Charles smiled slightly, still not hearing an apology—as was expected from what he knew about Louisa. He turned and looked at Hardy, who stood at Louisa’s side looking as if he wanted to sink into the ground. “What do you think, Hardy? Did she mean it?”

Charles playfully tilted his head to the side, turning back toward Louisa. Louisa glared at him, her blush fading, and his smile broadened. There was the Louisa he knew, the one who always challenged him on everything, even when they were children.

Hardy didn’t have a chance to answer the earl’s question before Louisa spoke again. “I am surprised you are here, my lord. I thought gatherings such as this were beneath you.”

“The duke was the one who suggested we come,” Charles said, glancing at Rutley, who still stood beside him in his typical statuesque manner, surveying the room with cold eyes. He was a tall, imposing man, towering over the rest of the guests. “If a party such as this is good enough for a duke, surely it is good enough for an earl.”

Louisa shot a sheepish look in Rutley’s direction. “I am sorry, Your Grace. I did not mean to insinuate—”

“There is no need to apologize, Miss Strickland,” the duke said, looking down at her. He cast a sidelong glance in his companion’s direction. “I did have to drag him here.”

Charles scowled at his friend while Louisa bit back a smile. The earl’s and Louisa’s eyes briefly met, and her pleased expression quickly faded before she abruptly turned away.

Meanwhile, Rutley addressed Hardy. “Will you join me at the refreshment table, sir? I would like to ask for your advice in regard to Sedgewick Park.”

Louisa looked as if she was growing nervous at the thought of being left alone with Charles, which almost made him smile. She shot Hardy a desperate look, but he was focused on the duke. “Of course, Your Grace.”

The duke turned toward Charles, who knew he shouldn’t be anywhere near the refreshment table after only a week sober. “Why don’t you keep Miss Strickland company until we return?”

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Becky Michaels is a historical romance author and self-proclaimed Anglophile. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in English, she reluctantly decided to get a day job but never stopped writing—or dreaming. THE LAND STEWARD’S DAUGHTER, a Regency romance set in 1815 England, is her debut novel. Despite the cold winters and high rent, she still lives in the Boston area with her boyfriend and cat.


  1. Your genres are far more varied than mine, I don't have the patience for this type of historical, the feminist in me is outraged at women being treated like livestock.

  2. Not my kind of read but glad you enjoyed it. Great review.

  3. Thanks for the great review, Robin! I adored the first book and can't wait to read this one!

    HF Virtual Book Tours