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BLOG TOUR - The Lost Secret of Ireland



An enchanting summer romance set on the gorgeous Irish coast, where fresh starts are made, love beckons and secrets are sure to unfold…

In the tiny village of Sandy Cove in Ireland, Ella Caron is trying to recover. When she moved from Paris to a beautiful coastguard cottage on the sea, she wanted peace and quiet and the space to grieve after her mother’s death. She never imagined that her mother’s eccentric best friend Lucille would insist on moving in to keep her company.

With Lucille by her side, Ella finds herself laughing more than she has in years and it soon becomes clear that Lucille has her own reasons for coming to Sandy Cove: she wants Ella to help her move to her own little cottage by the sea. But then Lucille’s son Rory comes to town and her dream is under threat: he wants her in Tipperary, where she can safely grow old in their family home. Ella admires Lucille’s sense of adventure but she can’t help but wonder if Rory is right. Especially when she sees the rickety old cottage Lucille intends to buy and realises that the real reason she wants to escape could turn Rory’s life upside down.

As Ella and Rory get closer, sharing a moment under the stars that feels meant to be, Ella finds herself caught between the man she is falling for and the loyalty she has to Lucille. Ella knows that she must convince Lucille to tell her family the truth, but it may force them to leave her and Sandy Cove for good…

A dreamy Irish romance that will warm your heart and show you that it’s never too late for a second chance. For fans of Debbie Macomber, Sheila O’Flanagan and Mary Alice Monroe.


:   The Lost Secret of Ireland
Author:  Susanne O'Leary
Series:  Starlight Cottages Book 2
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   218 
Date of Publication:   August 31, 2021
My Rating:   4 Stars


Ella Caron is trying to accept her mother's death. Peace and quiet is on her agenda. So, she moved from Paris to Sandy Cove in Ireland and finds that is the last thing she'll get. Instead, her mother's best friend shows up to offer support, and brings far more energy than Ella can cope with. How can eighty-five-year-old Lucille have more energy than Ella? It doesn't help that Ella is recovering from a fracture after falling from a ladder.

Ella has her reasons for being in Sandy Cove. But then, so does Lucille. Lucille can see Ella's pain, both physcial and emotional. She proves a powerful catalyst when it comes to Ella starting over, and definitely in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Rory, Ella's youngest son, shows up to try to get to the bottom of what his mother is up to. As Lucille and her mother were best friends, Ella knows Rory and his brother Martin. Now that Rory is around, Ella remembers why they were not friends - they rub each other the wrong way.

This enjoyable story by Susanne O'Leary is quite touching. There was a wee bit of mystery when it came to seeing the man that would steal Ella's heart, and what Lucille had in mind. Full of delightful characters, a snicely-paced plot and continuity, as well asd a sweet romance. I love the residents of Sandy Cove and hope we get to see these folks again. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Susanne O’Leary is the bestselling author of more than 20 novels, mainly in the romantic fiction genre. She has also written three crime novels and two in the historical fiction genre.

The wife of a former diplomat, she has also been a fitness teacher and a translator. She now writes full-time from either of two locations, a rambling house in County Tipperary, Ireland or a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties, or doing yoga, she keeps writing, producing a book every six months.

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