Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review - Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

Title:   Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy
Author:  Caitlin Crews
Series:  Cold River Ranch #2
Genre:   Romance
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   342
Date of Publication:  July 30, 2019
My Rating:  5 Stars


A game of pretend with the highest stakes of all in the latest novel of breathtaking romance from USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews.

Ty Everett ran off to the rodeo when he turned eighteen and has been riding bulls ever since…until his last fall causes partial amnesia and he must return to Cold River Ranch to figure out what comes next. But how can he pick his next move when he can’t remember how he got here in the first place—much less the beautiful woman who appears at the ranch, claims she knows him, and warms his cold heart for the first time since he woke up in the hospital?

Rodeo Queen Hannah Monroe gave up her crown for Ty Everett, and her innocence. What she wants from Ty now is a divorce. But Ty can’t remember her—or their secret wedding, or even the son she never meant to hide from him—and Hannah is torn. How can she leave the man she can’t forget and still loves despite herself? And even if she’s willing to start over, what will happen when the truth comes out? 


Ty Everett is hiding a secret from his family. He has memory loss due to a bull-riding accident. This partial amnesia has cost him two years of his life. He is home at the Cold River Ranch and is trying to figure out his future. For starters he has a difficult relationship with his brothers. But when Hannah Monroe shows up claiming to know him, his life is really turned upside down.

Discovering that he is actually married to Hannah is shocking to Ty, to say the least. He has no memory of her at all. She can prove their marriage. What she doesn't do is to tell him that they have an infant son. On the one hand, Hannah wants a divorce. On the other hand, she still loves Ty to distraction.

Ty has an agenda. He plans on getting back on the bull. His family is fighting him every step of the way. He almost died. Will he lose the battle this time? Will Ty realize that he has more to fight for than a huge bull?

Hannah struggles to be honest with Ty - and with herself - especially considering the attitude towards men that her mother pounded into her. This was so very sad. Hannah must reach deep inside to find her own joy, her own happiness. She must learn to trust.

I loved Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy. It is the second book in the Cold River Ranch series. I love Everett family. Tough on the outside, marshmallows on the inside. Just my type of heroes. Although this book could do well as a standalone, for the sake of continuity, I highly recommend the first book, A True Cowboy Christmas. I look forward to Brady's story in The Last Real Cowboy, which will be available January 2020.

Many thanks to St. Martin's Press and to NetGalley for this ARC to review. This is my honest opinion.


Caitlin Crews / Megan Crane

Yes, I write under two names. But no matter the name, the story is always all mine.

I discovered my first romance novel at the age of twelve in a bargain bin at the local five and dime. It involved swashbuckling pirates having grand adventures on the open sea, a heroine with a mind of her own, and a seriously masterful hero who swept her away no matter how clever she was.

I was immediately smitten with romance and all the romantic themes I could get my hands on. (I still am.)

I had grand plans to star on Broadway – preferably in Evita, just like the great Patti LuPone. Sadly, my inability to wow audiences with my singing voice required a back up plan, so I launched myself into academics instead. This was not a good fit for someone who liked lounging about and reading books a lot more than dissecting them in classrooms, but it did allow me to live in England for half a decade, so I can’t complain.

Writing (and finishing!) my first book was a relief.  And actually publishing that book was one of the greatest thrills of my life.

Now I’m some 95 books in, I’m still a romance fanatic, it still thrills me to see my books on shelves, and yes, I’m still plotting my Broadway debut.


  1. I haven't read her before - thanx for sharing your thoughtful review

  2. Nice review, I'm not much of a cowboy fan so I can't see this being for me.

  3. Looks like a book I could enjoy.

  4. Great review Robin I love Cowboys books and this one looks and sounds absolutely amazing and right up my alley as well. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and for putting this book series on my radar.