Tuesday, July 30, 2019

BLOG TOUR - The Marriage Trap

Today it is my stop on the Blog Tour for The Marriage Trap by Sheryl Browne.

My husband has been keeping secrets for a long time. He thinks I don’t know what he does outside of this house. But I know everything… 

Karla watches silently as Jason hurriedly packs his belongings into a suitcase. She knows that her stillness is unnerving him as she watches his every move from the doorway of their bedroom. 

Clothes are screwed up and packed into the case, along with a watch she bought him for his last birthday and his precious laptop. He takes everything from his bedside table. Everything except the framed wedding photo, which now stands alone. Karla strains to see the smiling faces in the photo. If only she knew then what she knows now. 

‘I’ve fallen in love with someone else,’ he’d said to her, just moments earlier. The brutality of those words hit Karla hard and she struggled to breathe as she took in each word in turn. 

You may think you know what Karla will do next. But you’ll be wrong. Because Karla isn't who you think she is. Only she knows what's about to happen. And you will never see it coming. 

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller for readers who loved The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Other Woman. With twists you’ll never see coming, you will not be able to put this one down! 

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Title:   The Marriage Trap
Author:  Sheryl Browne
Genre:   Psychological Thriller
Publisher:   Bookouture
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  323
Date of Publication:  July 30, 2019
My Rating:  4 Stars

The way that this intriguing book starts, readers see a dialogue where Jason tells Karla that there is someone else and that he is leaving her. As their past is relayed, we learn that Karla and Jason have been married for twelve years and have two young children. Currently Jason's business is failing and they are facing financial ruin. Their money problems could be over if Jason would only accept a business loan from Karla's father, Robert.

To add to this stress, Karla is hiding a painful secret from her past and she suffers a lot of sleepless nights as a result. Meanwhile, Jason must consider Robert’s proposal. The biggest problem in doing this appears to be Jason's pride and the history he has with Robert. From the very beginning of their relationship, he gave Jason problems. Despite Robert’s constant pressure, Karla loved Jason to distraction and they worked hard on their marriage. However, Jason begins to pull away from Karla, and even tells her that he is leaving.

Both Karla and Jason begin to act completely out of character, thus ruining any chance for a reconciliation.  Bottom line is that Jason has very good reason for his actions. These reasons are a huge secret between him and his father-in-law.

This well-hidden and very painful secret is just one of the many twists and turns in this busy book by Sheryl Browne. The characters are multi-layered as they struggle to deal with the various situations. Admittedly, I struggle to write any more in this review because saying much more would deliver spoilers, and that would be unfair.

From beginning to end, this was a captivating story. It was a bit frustrating to witness the apparent lack of communication, therefore, resulting actions were a bit shocking. I would like to state that this is not what I know a psychological thriller to be. Yes, a family drama, but certainly not a thriller. The conclusion, however, tied everything together and I simply could not turn the pages fast enough. I love this author and will definitely be back for more.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Bestselling Author, Sheryl Browne, brings you powerful psychological thriller and contemporary fiction.  A member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and previously writing for award winning Choc Lit, Sheryl has several books published and two short stories in Birmingham City University anthologies, where she completed her MA in Creative Writing.

So why does Sheryl write in two genres? Quoting E. L. Doctorow, Sheryl says: “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as your headlights…” This she thinks sums up a writer’s journey, you never quite know where you are going until you get there. You might start with an outline, but a strong character will always divert from the plot. If Sheryl’s not sure where a character is going, she simply has to trust him to show her the way. Plus, according to one reviewer, she also has a scary insight into the mind of a psychopath. 

To find out more about Sheryl’s novels, go to www.facebook.com/SherylBrowne.Author/ or follow @SherylBrowne on Twitter. 

To find out more about Sheryl, go to www.sherylbrowne.com.


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