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BLOG TOUR - The Catnapped Lover

What a delight it is to take part in the Blog Tour for The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn.


What does a bet between best friends have to do with a kidnapped cat and a tumbled-down animal shelter?  Nothing, unless you are Adam Talcott and you want to prove to your best-buddy that you can survive without access to your wealth and family connections.  Adam would have succeeded too, if it hadnt been for Dierdre Clancy and that blasted cat. 

Tagline:  A woman, a man, and a cat. What could possibly go wrong?

Hero Bio: Adam Talcott was born rich. He went into business with his best friend from college and made even more millions. His methods may be unorthodox, but he nearly always succeeds. Now hes been challenged to live for two months without any of the privileges and resources hes known all his life. Adam is confident that he can conquer this challenge as he has all others. But he didnt count on Dierdre Clancy and that danged cat.

Heroine Bio: Dierdre Clancy grew up in a family of givers. Her parents were missionaries and often too busy saving other, less privileged people to realize how lonely and abandoned Dierdre felt. When she reached her teen years, she was shipped back to the USA to live with her Aunt Shea on Sheas rundown farm and animal shelter. Finally she was in a stable environment with an adult she could count on. Dierdre went on to gain a degree in social work and took up the Clancy family tradition of helping others. Most of the time helping others was easy. But Adam Talcott broke that mold and every other box she tried to put him into. How could one man be so difficult to manage?

Please enjoy the following excerpt:


Balancing an armload of mail, an overloaded briefcase, and a gym bag with two yogurt cups teetering on top, Dierdre Clancy rushed to her cubicle. For the fourth time this week, and the umpteenth time this month, she was late. Once again, a power outage in the decrepit apartment building where she lived had caused her alarm clock to fail.
Please, Lord, don’t let my chauvinist pig of a boss realize I’ve been missing.
The yogurt cups threatened to topple off the gym bag. Dierdre wasn’t about to let her lunch decorate the linoleum. The mail showered to the floor. The briefcase hit her foot. With her free hand, she plastered the cups to her side. The gym bag slid down her arm. The webbed strap twisted, tourniquet style, around her wrist.
She managed a couple of sideways hops that brought her to the edge of her desk. The gym bag swung wildly. Leaning against the arm weighed down by the bag’s stranglehold, she managed to dump the yogurt cups onto the desk without mishap. She pulled herself upright and reached for the strap at her wrist.
Somehow, during all the hopping, the bag had swung around her legs and gotten wedged in the narrow space between her desk and file cabinet. The same strap that cut off circulation to her hand pressed into the backs of her knees, pinning her neatly to the desk. Only an act of extreme dexterity could save her from her own folly. Imbecile, why didn’t you make two trips?
Because I didn’t want to risk having the boss see me coming in late.
“Clancy! You’re late.”
Dierdre’s heart hit the ceiling. She knew the shout—a cross between an operatic tenor and a pig at slaughter. Still, she hadn’t been prepared to hear her boss’s screeching quite so soon. 


Title:   The Catnapped Lover
Author:  Rue Allyn
Series:  April Fools Duet Book 1
Genre:   Romance
Publisher:  Prowl Publishing
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   172
Date of Publication:  July 15, 2019
My Rating:  4 Stars

Adam Talcott is a very successful businessman and millionaire. He places a bet with his best friend and business partner Jack. Adam has to live and work for two months as a general laborer without any access to his money. If he fails in any way, he will concede his office as CEO to Jack.

Adam finds employment at a nearly broke animal shelter. He also rescues a cat named Brutus. Adam is working for a woman named Shea and her niece Diedre Clancy. With Shea and Diedre believing that Adam comes from a nefarious past, they have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand, Shea is more than willing to give Adam a break, whereas Diedre cannot trust him.

It is quite easy to see why Diedre is more than concerned about Jack, especially when it comes to protecting her aunt. Diedre is a social worker and her parents were missionaries, so helping people comes naturally to her. However, she had some difficult experiences in her life, including a bad breakup. Despite her reluctance, Adam seems to be breaking down those very barriers.

While working together with the various animals, Adam and Diedre draw closer together. There were times, however, that Adam's actions were quite questionable to Diedre. As things progressed, there was a bit of mystery when it came to some goings on at the shelter. Factor in a bit of humor, and it was a well balanced story.

What a delightful read! The wonderful characters in this story, and all of the animals they were working with, as well as Adam trying to keep his part of the bet going, worked remarkably well and made this an excellent story. The Catnapped Lover had a very warm conclusion and leads me very eager to read the next book in the series.

Many thanks to Rue Allyn and to Prowl Publishing for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Hi, Im Rue Allyn, I write heart melting romance novels. Books about characters and adventures in which love triumphs at the darkest moment. The kind of hopeful, steal-your-breath romance that melts a readers heart. The type of book I like to read. Hope you will too.

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