Friday, June 11, 2021

Review - His Accidental Amish Family

Title:   His Accidental Amish Family

Author:  Rachel J. Good
Series:  Unexpected Amish Blessings #3
Genre:  Inspirational Romance
Publisher:  Zebra
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of pages: 352
Date of Publication:  December 1, 2020
My Rating: 5 Stars


In the picturesque Amish community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, life's detours may prove the path to true happiness . . .

After a buggy accident when she was a teenager, Anna Flaud was told she would never walk again. Unwilling to be an object of pity, she put aside her dreams of marriage and found purpose as an assistant at a Community Care Center. Now she has a chance to fulfill her dearest wish--motherhood--and adopt three siblings with special needs. Yet the opportunity comes with a condition Anna isn't sure she can meet: finding a husband.

Levi King began working at the center as penance after a careless mistake led to tragedy. Though he's dealing with his own heartbreak, he's drawn to Anna, cheering her on as she strives to regain her mobility. Her quiet determination, her generous heart--these are qualities to cherish in a wife. Still, Anna's plans give him pause. Given his past, Levi hardly trusts himself to care for one child, let alone three. Yet together, perhaps they could forge a family made sturdier by all they've overcome . . . .


Aside from their faith, Anna Flaud and Levi King have something else in common. That is the pain they have experienced in life. Anna's was physical. Levi's was emotional. Can the pair work past their previous hurts and find a love that willl prove to be healing one way or another? 

Told she would never walk again after a buggy accident, Anna was resigned that she would never marry, although she had a lot of love to give. Working as an assistant at the Community Care Center helped towards that aim, but when she gets the opportunity to adopt three siblings with special needs, she begins to have hope. There is one catch. She has to have a husband.

Levi is at the Center for entirely different reasons. He was involved in an accident that was due to carelessness and then resulted in a tragedy. Workiong at the Center is helping Levi to deal with his guilt. However, he never expected to fall for gentla Anna. He is there for her as she begins to gain her mobility, but that is as far as he is prepared to go. When he learns of Anna's hopes to adopt - and for them to do it together as husband and wife - this truly gives him pause. That guilt he is experiencing is accompanied by doubt when it comes to caring for children.

Can both Anna and Levi get past their pain, guilt and sadness to forge a way to a future together - for one another and for the three siblings? While there is no doubt that Anna and Levi suit, the pain they feel cuts deep, and this brings way to doubt. Will their faith play a role in both of their lives to give them the strength they need to come together?

What a touching story, and a wonderful addition to an engaging series. I so enjoy Amish fiction and Rachel J. Good's books. This is the sixth book I have read by her and they have all been five star reads. I love the way she writes her characters, giving them real life problems that they find ways to overcome. I am so looking forward to more books buy this fabulous author.

Many thanks to Zebra and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Rachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the setting for her Amish novels. A former teacher and librarian, she completed her MA from Vermont College while raising five children. She is presently an MFA student at Hollins University. In addition to having more than 2300 articles and 40 books in print or forthcoming under several pseudonyms, she also juggles freelance editing and illustration careers.

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