Friday, March 29, 2019

Review - My Sister is Missing

Author:  Julia Barrett
Genre:   Mystery/Thrillers
Publisher:   RedDoor Publishing
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  266
Date of Publication:  March 19, 2019
My Rating:  3.5 Stars


I'm not the wife you think I am
Just weeks after giving birth, new mum Stephanie Henderson and her baby girl disappear.
With husband Adam in despair, and the police investigation stalled, it's up to her sister Jess to find them. But when Adam starts to behave suspiciously, Jess starts to question what really happened.
Following news of a tragic accident, she suspects the worst and, in turmoil, goes in search of answers. But Jess isn't prepared for what she uncovers . . . or for what happens next.
This is a twisted psychological thriller that will make you question what is real, and whether you really can trust those you love.
'This is a gripping suspense novel, and a powerful testament to the bond between sisters. Clear your diary and get the snacks in. Once you open this one, you won't be putting it down.' Cass Hunter, author of The After Wife
'A Complex and intriguing novel that paints a dark picture of dysfunctional family relationships' Fiona Cummins, author of Rattle.


For reasons no one can understand, Stephanie Henderson, a new mother, disappears with her baby girl. Her husband Adam is beside himself, but the police have no leads. Stephanie's sister Jess is determined to find out what happened to Stephanie and the baby and will do whatever it takes to find them. For reasons Jess cannot understand, Adam begins acting rather strangely. Could he have something to do with Stephanie's disappearance?

When Jess hears of a tragic accident that claimed the life of a young woman, she is terrified it could be Stephanie. What she learns is not enough, however, and Jess keeps searching for answers. 

As I sped through the pages of this thriller, I found that nothing was ever as it seemed, and I was truly invested in the well-being of Stephanie and the baby. Furthermore, Jess was thoroughly impressive, because she never once gave up in her quest.

This was a pretty good read that I could not put down. I read it in one sitting, but dare to say that there were a few twists that really caught me off-guard, especially when it came to dealing with certain aspects affecting one of the characters. As the story was delivered in more than one point of view, it definitely was intriguing. It was difficult to know who to trust while reading this story. There were issues relating to traumatic events that took a large part of the story. Many readers will enjoy this debut novel by Julia Barrett.

Many thanks to RedDoor Publishing and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Like all authors I love books and wanted to be a writer ever since I recorded my own Peter Rabbit tales at the age of four. But, it took until my late thirties to pluck up the courage to take my writing seriously and take time out from teaching. 

I threw myself into writing everyday and my first novel was completed during the Faber Academy six-month Writing a Novel course. 

That novel remains tucked away in a draw after several rejections. However, one agent told me to focus on my main character, Stephanie Henderson. And that's exactly what I did. My Sister is Missing  tells her story. 

I am currently working towards an MA in Creative writing. I grew up in Sheffield and now reside in Essex.

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