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BLOG TOUR - Boss Girl

Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for Boss Girl by Emma Tallon.

Title:   Boss Girl
Author:  Emma Tallon
Genre:   Crime Thriller
Publisher:   Bookouture
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  315
Date of Publication:  February 1, 2019
My Rating:  5 Stars


If you love Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers, Casey Kelleher and Jessie Keane, you’ll love Boss Girl.

You’ll do anything to save your family, even kill for them…

Anna Davis is under pressure. With her West End nightclub packed full every night and the opening of another club just around the corner, she knows she can’t take her eye off the ball.

Her boyfriend Freddie Tyler practically owns London’s West End and he’s got a big deal on – one that could make the Tylers the most powerful family in London. He’s going into business with crime boss Frank Gambino. But visiting Anna at work one night, Gambino tells her he’ll only sign the deal with Freddie on one condition – that she hands over Club Anya to him.

With tension growing between Anna and Freddie, her mind is on other things. She doesn’t notice that someone is watching her every move. She doesn’t realise just how much danger she’s in.

When one night she doesn’t return home, Freddie is beside himself with worry. And as he races to save Anna, one thing is for sure – he’ll get back the girl he loves. Even if it means taking down the whole of the London underworld to find her…

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Anna Davis has been managing her rather difficult life pretty well. Being involved with a criminal has its price, but Anna really is happy. Currently, Anna, who owns clubs with best friend Tanya, is being threatened. Powerful boyfriend Freddie Tyler has no idea what Anna is dealing with. Anna is struggling with Frank Gambino, a crime boss who wants her club. If she doesn't give in to his plans then Freddie's life will be in danger. So could her own life, but all Anna can think of is protecting Freddie.

Freddie already owns most of London's West End, but he desperately wants his next deal to go through. If it does, the Tylers will be even more powerful than the Gambino family. What Freddie does not realize is that his Anna has been threatened. This is a secret that Anna keeps from him, thus straining their relationship. While Anna is concerned with keeping this secret from Freddie while she strives to work things out on her own, she doesn't realize that she herself  is in grave danger. She is being watched.

When Anna is discovered missing, Freddie is beside himself. He has a policeman in his pocket, but neither Freddie nor the police can find out who grabbed Anna and whether or not she is even alive. Freddie will stop at nothing to bring the woman he loves back to him. Freddie has good reason to worry about Frank Gambino and also Tanya's boyfriend Tom.

What a riveting book! The danger begins at the outset and never, ever lets up. As this book was developed there was absolutely no doubt as to the bond shared between Anna and Freddie and also Anna and Tanya. It was truly touching. The book is fast-paced, with surprising twists and turns. Although the backdrop of a criminal world was dark, the connection I felt to the characters was palpable. Not only was the conclusion done exceptionally well, there was sadness and suspense. So much so that there is yet another book in this engrossing series. 

The first two books are Dangerous Girl and Runaway Girl. In those books we got to know Anna, Freddie and Tanya. In this book, Boss Girl, the background is dealt with well, so this does a fine job as a standalone. However, the entire series is gripping and so the other books make excellent reads. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Emma Tallon is a British, gritty crime writer, adventurer, Londoner and mother to a young son. Starting her career a few years ago as a ghostwriter, Emma crafted some of the most adventurous, edgy and heart-wrenching stories you can find on the shelves today.

In March 2017 Emma stepped out of the literary shadows and self-published her first book, Life Game. The book was an instant success, the results far exceeding anything she had expected. As news of Life Games popularity spread, she joined forces with W.F.Howes and the audiobook was launched in October 2017.

In December 2017, Emma signed a three book deal with publishers Bookouture. This included Life Game which was changed, re-edited and re-released as Runaway Girl.

Drawing inspiration for her books from a mixture of her own observations and an active imagination, the characters Emma paints are colourful and larger than life. Her story lines are an interesting recipe of deep emotion and violent grit, that keep her readers engrossed.

With two more books in the works for this series already, Emma has many more stories planned out for the future.

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