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Bookish Blog Hop November 2021 - Day 3: A Book From Your TBR

Let's have another Bookish Blog Hop! For this Blog Hop I will be joining six other bloggers to answer bookish questions over the next seven days.
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3rd November - A Book From Your TBR

Hosted by: Robin @ Robin Loves Reading


Robin (me)

My TBR is so long that if I gathered every book from my Kindle and printed them up, as well as somehow reproducing my Audible books, I am sure that I would fill up my apartment! But, are there any books in my massive TBR that really stand out to me? Since I am a series fanatic my immediate thought goes to Abandoned In Death by J. D. Robb. It is the 54th book in her amazing In Death series with Eve and Roarke and I have loved each and every prior book. It doesn’t come out until February and I just have so many other books to get to before I can dive into that.

Another book sitting on my shelf that I am eager to read, and it also comes out in February, is Dark Horse by Gregg Hurwitz. It is the seventh book in the Orphan X series and I have loved each and every thrilling book in the series. Evan Smoak was a government assassin who has gone out on his own and faces danger at every turn. Usually not my type of read, but this series has pulled me in.


Kriti @ Armed with A Book
This is such a hard question because at the moment, I have almost 200 books on my TBR (after a very recent cleanup exercise, this is all I could bring it down to). I choose: Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko and Sergey Dyachenko, translated from Ukrainian by Julia Meitov Hersey. I love translated books and this one has been on my TBR for over a year now. I have the ebook for it but I like physical books better so one of these days, I will get the library book. :)

Vita Nostra reminds me of The OVA which was a brilliant show in my opinion. It doesn’t mean they are similar but from the synopsis of this book and the way it treats magic, I feel like they explore similar themes. It’s been a long time since I have read an academia style fantasy so I am looking forward to this one!

If you have read Vita Nostra, let me know your thoughts! I can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Check out this book on Goodreads to add to your shelf.


Leslie Conzatti
Here’s one that I recently put on my TBR: Limited Wish by Mark Lawrence. It’s the second book in his Impossible Times trilogy. It’s a bit of a departure from his usual style of grimdark fantasy in post-apocalyptic settings, but I read the first book, One Word Kill a couple months ago and I really enjoyed it! There’s elements of time travel, espionage, and a race to save the lives of one or more characters, set against a backdrop of a tabletop RPG game between a group of friends… My favorite aspect of Mark Lawrence’s books is the vivid characters that leap off the page, and the prose that really gets me thinking!


Jo Linsdell @
I have so many books on my TBR at the moment. In fact, I’ve created a reading challenge to try and help me get through my Net Galley TBR.

I’m particularly looking forward to reading The Influencer by Miranda Rijks. I love a good psychological thriller and this one really sounds up my alley.

She is worshipped by millions. But she has a secret…

Adored by her legions of followers, social media megastar Skye is an inspiration. Once homeless, she is now fantastically wealthy, enormously powerful. A ‘like’ from Skye can literally change your life.

So when she suggests partnering with Nathan’s charity for the homeless, he thinks it’s a match made in heaven. With Skye’s backing, who knows what he can achieve? And no-one is more excited than Nathan’s teenage daughters, both massive fans of the star.

But Skye’s influence comes at a price. Yes, funds are pouring into Nathan’s charity, but she is a smothering presence, seemingly determined to insert herself into every nook and cranny of his family life.

Nathan’s daughters are thrilled to have so much up close and personal contact with a superstar. But he worries about Skye’s growing influence on them… And is it just a coincidence that ever since she’s been around, his personal life is disintegrating?

As things spiral out of control, Nathan begins to wonder what Skye really wants from him and his daughters. The answer is more terrifying than he could ever imagine…

The Influencer – the stunning psychological thriller from Miranda Rijks, author of The Visitors, The Arrangement, and Roses are Red.


Vidya Tiru @LadyInReadWrites

Like all of us bibliophiles, book-devourers, lost-in-book-people, I have way too many books on my TBR; some of them have been on it for so long that I can start considering them historicals (even if they are not!) To make it easier for me, I decided to look at some of my more recent TBRs and while it was tough picking one from that, here it is.

I initially put Fat Chance, Charlie Vega for this prompt but then I actually started reading it so it is technically no longer on my TBR. Then I realized that I have had Firekeeper’s Daughter a tad longer and I really do want to read it, for so many reasons. But that is not the book I really want to include for this prompt either (sneaky though, right?!).

So here is the actual book for this prompt - Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn.

Imagine a world where letters of the alphabet start disappearing; and you can’t use them anymore. Like the whole novel Gadsby written without the letter E (and I used that letter 12, well 17 times in this sentence)! That is what this unique sounding novel is all about.

This above description is part of what I said about this book in my blog post from September 2020, and I ended it by saying “I know I am reading this, and soon..” Well, obviously, that “reading” never happened as it is still on my TBR.. but…..what can I say? Hope springs eternal after all!


Kaili @owlbookworld

Like the other ladies my TBR is super long. I’ve been slacking off so much about getting to them and I just continue to buy more! I know I know I need to stop that because at this rate I will never get to them.

The book I’m hoping to get to next is My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix. I’m such a huge fan of horror and I always hear such good things about Grady Hendriz books. I just hope I haven’t hyped it up enough to the point I’ll end up getting disappointed.


What book in your TBR are you really looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments below.

Tomorrow's post is A Book You Picked Up Just For the Cover, hosted by Kaili @owlbookworld.


  1. Looks like we've all got an endless tbr list 🤣 Now I have even more books to add to mine.

  2. Definitely agree that our TBRs can fill up rooms and whole homes!! And like Jo mentions, I have more books each time I read another post or review:)