Saturday, May 2, 2020

Review - The Highland Rogue

Title:   The Highland Rogue
Author:  Amy Jarecki
Series:  Lords of the Highlands #7
Genre:   Historical Romance
Publisher:   Forever
Format:  Print ARC
No. of Pages:  368
Date of Publication:  March 3, 2020
My Rating:  3 Stars


Fans of Diana Gabaldon and Hannah Howell will devour this Scottish romance about a courageous Highlander who falls for a strong-willed lass on the treacherous high seas.


After a vicious attack on his ship, Sir Kennan Cameron washes ashore on a deserted Scottish island, nearly dead. But he soon finds he's not as alone as he thought. Kennan knows he can't stay on the island, but neither can he leave the brave and bonny lass who has nursed him back to health—even if she is from a rival clan.


Abandoned by her family, Divana Campbell is both terrified and relieved when a rugged Highlander drags himself from the surf. Trusting Kennan is her only chance for survival—and by the time they arrive at his castle, she can barely imagine life without him. But as the heir to a powerful chieftain, Kennan could never marry the likes of her.

Together, they'll brave tempests, pirates, betrayal, and ruin. But soon Kennan must decide what matters most: his thirst for vengeance or the woman who's won his heart.


Amy Jarecki has written a wonderful Highland series and I have been here for each and every installment. This was not one of my favorites, but was an enjoyable read nonetheless.

Sir Kennan Cameron was seriously injured after his ship was attacked. He was found when he washed ashore by Divana Campbell. This was a godsend to Divana as her family abandoned her and she was surviving alone on a Scottish Island. She had faith that they would come back for her, but that simply had not happened. Divana truly hopes that her fortune has changed when she meets Kennan.

She is shocked to discover that he has a remarkable castle, and that he would do just about anything to keep her safe. It should come to no surprise that Divana easily fell for Kennan. However, as he is heir to a chieftain, Kennan must marry equally, and therefore, Divana would not suit. Nonetheless, the two share powerful chemistry and cannot resist the temptation that comes with that. Meanwhile, Kennan must avenge those who pirated his ship, so his attention to Divana is divided. At some point, however, the futures must be decided upon, even if it ends in heartbreak.

This was a busy, fast-moving story, even though it felt a bit unreal at times. On the one hand, Divana proved to be strong enough to survive on an island, to me she proved to be rather vapid and dense. The next book in the Lords of the Highland series is The Highland Laird, which is set for release this fall.

Many thanks to Forever and to NetGalley for this ARC to review. This is my honest opinion.

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Award winning and bestselling author, Amy Jarecki likes to grab life, latch on and reach for the stars. She’s married to a mountain-biking pharmacist and has put four kids through college. She studies karate, ballet, yoga, and often you’ll find her hiking Utah’s Santa Clara Hills. Reinventing herself a number of times, Amy sang and danced with the Follies, was a ballet dancer, a plant manager, and an accountant for Arnott’s Biscuits in Australia. After earning her MBA from Heroit-Watt University in Scotland, she dove into the world of Scottish historical romance and hasn’t returned. Become a part of her world and learn more about Amy’s books on!

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