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Review - A Scandalous Deal

Title:   A Scandalous Deal
Author:  Joanna Shupe
Series:  The Four Hundred #2
Genre:   Historical Romance
Publisher:   Avon
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  384
Date of Publication:  April 24, 2018
My Rating:  5 Stars

Joanna Shupe returns with another unforgettable novel set in the glittering world of New York City’s Gilded Age…

They call her Lady Unlucky…

With three dead fianc├ęs, Lady Eva Hyde has positively no luck when it comes to love. She sets sail for New York City, determined that nothing will deter her dream of becoming an architect, certainly not an unexpected passionate shipboard encounter with a mysterious stranger. But Eva’s misfortune strikes once more when she discovers the stranger who swept her off her feet is none other than her new employer.

Or is it Lady Irresistible?

Phillip Mansfield reluctantly agrees to let the fiery Lady Eva oversee his luxury hotel project while vowing to keep their relationship strictly professional. Yet Eva is more capable—and more alluring—than Phillip first thought, and he cannot keep from drawing up a plan of his own to seduce her.

When a series of onsite “accidents” makes it clear someone wants Lady Unlucky to earn her nickname, Phillip discovers he’s willing to do anything to protect her—even if it requires A SCANDALOUS DEAL.


Lady Eva Hyde must act quickly. Her father has fallen ill and this could totally derail a critical deal involving a new hotel. Her father is a renowned architect and she has learned everything she knows from him, to the point that the very plans at jeopardy are none other than Eva's. However, the times don't really allow for that. She was rather unfortunate enough to have these remarkable skills in history at a difficult time, The Gilded Age, and women with such high skills just weren't acknowledged, accepted or appreciated.

Phillip Mansfield is a millionaire as well as a hotelier and will stop at nothing to see his first of its kind hotel erected. He is awaiting the architect, Lord Cassell, E.M. Hyde, to arrive to oversee the plans. In his stead, however, his daughter. Lady Eva, insists that his delay is only temporary, and that she is more than skilled to keep things on track.

This isn't the first they've met, however. They met briefly on a ship during their various travels and they most definitely hit it off. He heads to his developing hotel looking forward to meeting the esteemed architect, but he meets none other than Eva, and what she tells him is very upsetting. But, there are deadlines to be met, so, despite great reluctance, the project goes forward. Phillip is determined that the Hyde name be a part of his hotel. Eva and Phillip had made a powerful connection on the ship, and their chemistry is palpable, so there are definitely challenges ahead.

The question is how long can the two of them act like business only when they really want to be together? Also, how can Eva's talent grow despite the times they live in? Lastly, will this impact any chance she could with Phillip in the future? While this was of concern to me as a lover of romance, I was happy to see the story develop more on the lines of Eva's talent as an architect. I was kept engaged from their very first meeting until the happy conclusion. 

I actually read the third book in this series, A Notorious Vow, several months ago, and just before reading this one, I read A Daring Engagement. The Four Hundred series is terrific, and I am saddened to see it end. Fortunately, The Rogues of Fifth Avenue, loosely related, and is the first in a new series, will be out in 2019. For those familiar with this engaging series, Frank Tripp finally gets his story. 

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Award-winning author JOANNA SHUPE has always loved history, ever since she saw her first Schoolhouse Rock cartoon. In 2013 she won Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart® Award for Best Historical.

Joanna’s first Gilded Age historical novel, Magnate, was named one of the Best Books of 2016 by Publishers Weekly, and one of 2016′s top romances by The Washington Post and Kobo. The Washington Post named Joanna’s The Lady Hellion as one of 2015’s top five romance novels.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her two spirited daughters and dashing husband.

When she’s not writing or doing laundry, she can be found online at Facebook (Joanna Shupe Author) or Twitter (@joannashupe).

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