Sunday, September 27, 2020

Review - Thursday's Bride

Title:   Thursday's Bride
Author:  Patricia Johns
Genre:   Inspirational Romance 
Publisher:   Zebra Books
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  336
Date of Publication:  March 31, 2020
My Rating:  4 Stars

For a proper young Amish widow struggling to begin again, encountering her reckless first love will test her forgiveness, resolve--and heart . . .

Overwhelmed by grief and tending twin baby daughters, Rosmanda Lapp is without options. She still blames her brother-in-law, Levi, for her husband's accidental death--but she and her aging in-laws need him to keep their farm going. Yet as Levi takes on his responsibilities with a new determination and steadiness, she can't help but regret that she chose his serious-minded brother over him. For Levi is still very much the passionate man she loved--and Rosmanda now has even more reasons to keep him at arm's length . . .

Levi can't blame Rosmanda for staying clear of him. He has mistakes to make up for and must finally do right by his parents. Still, he never got over his brother stealing Rosmanda away. And he can't deny the feelings that even now tempt them back to each other. And when a mistake from her past threatens her reputation, Levi will do whatever it takes to help her--and trust that faith and courage will at last help them claim a future together . . . 


Rosmanda Lapp is still dealing with grief over the loss of her husband, while also trying to be a good mother to twin infant daughters. Currently living with her in-laws, Rosmanda knows that she must soon marry lest she continue being a burden to her deceased husband's family. When her brother-in-law Levi comes back home to help with his father's farm, Rosmanda finds herself confused and distracted. Her feelings are mixed towards Levi, as she blames him for her husband's death, yet she finds that old feelings she had towards Levi are resurfacing.

As Levi and Rosmanda tread uncertain waters, they are forced to consider their pasts and why Rosmanda chose Levi's brother to marry when she clearly loved Levi. What is more is that Rosmanda is forced to examine her own heart - and this does affect her faith. With her efforts of striving to be responsible, Rosmanda does her best to push strong feelings for Levi aside. 

As things turn out Rosmanda is not the only one fighting feelings. Levi recognizes the draw as well. Yes, she married his brother, but he still has very strong feelings for her, but he is wracked with guilt over his brother's death. How will he and Rosmanda get past these barriers? Will the pair use their faith to guide them to make the right decisions?

This touching second chance romance has a nice balance of character development and a wide range of emotions. The conflicts were real in this well-written story, with forgiveness and hope finding a path to Rosmanda and Levi's hearts. This sweet story by Patricia Johns will be with me for a long while. 

Many thanks to Zebra Books and to NetGalley for this ARC to review. This is my honest opinion.


I am a Harlequin author who writes for the Love Inspired, Western/American Romance and Heartwarming lines. I have recently signed a book deal with Kensington Books for Amish romance, so in 2019, you’ll find me being published by both Harlequin and Kensington. You can find my books in any place that books are sold. I am represented by Rachel Beck of Holloway Literary.

I have my Hon. BA in English Literature from University of Toronto, and I live in Northern Canada where the weather dominates our small talk. Mr. Johns has the distinct challenge of being married to a writer, and our young son has yet to be impressed by seeing his mother’s books on a store shelf. 😉 It’s the perfect life for me.

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