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BLOG TOUR - Where We End & Begin

Title:   Where We End & Begin
Author:  Jane Igharo
Publisher:  Berkley
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   368
Date of Publication:   September 27, 2022
My Rating:   5 Stars


Star-crossed lovers get a second chance at romance when they're reunited at a wedding in Nigeria, in a heartfelt novel from the acclaimed author of The Sweetest Remedy.

Dunni hasn't seen her high school boyfriend, Obinna, since she left Nigeria to attend college in America. Before their devastating separation, they vowed to find their way back to each other one day.

Twelve years later, and their vow is a thing of the past. Dunni works as a geneticist in Seattle and is engaged to a man she doesn't love but one her parents approve of. Her future is laid out for her, and everything is going according to plan until she returns to Nigeria for a friend's wedding and runs into Obinna. The shy, awkward boy she loved as a teenager is now a sophisticated, confident man. Things have changed, but there's still an undeniable connection between them.

As they rediscover each other, their days filled with desire and passion, Dunni is reminded of the beautiful future she once planned with Obinna. But when devastating secrets are revealed and the reckless actions of their past bring new challenges, she's left questioning everything, including if the love that consumed her as a teenager is still worth holding on to.

Dunni and Obinna sealed a blood oath between them when they were kids. They felt they were destined to be together as they fell hard for one another. However, growing up in Nigeria with a social standing that was not the same, Dunni's mother had more in mind for her daughter. Dunni knew she would be going away to America for college, but she also knew that she would be back for Obinna. However, that did not happen and twelve years had passed since the two saw one another.

When a friend of hers is about to get married, the now successful research geneticist is returning to Nigeria. When she sees Obinna, those old feelings return with a vengeance. However, her life is fully settled in America and his in Nigeria. But, there is more. Dunni is now engaged to another man.

In this endearing book, Jane Igharo writes an incredibly emotional story of two people who needed to be together but had to climb a very high mountain to find their way. With heartbreak part of every step of the way, one thing was for certain, twelve years definitely did not erase the familiarity between Dunni and Obinna and they just had to find their way. Grab your tissues, because this book makes an impact!

Many thanks to Berkley and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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Jane Abieyuwa Igharo
 was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Canada at the age of twelve. She has a journalism degree from the University of Toronto and works as a communications specialist in Ontario, Canada. When she isn't writing, she's watching "Homecoming" for the hundredth time and trying to match BeyoncĂ©'s vocals to no avail.

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