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BLOG TOUR- Kerry Tucker Learns to Live


Sometimes you have to reach the end of the road before you can start over.

Kerry is perfectly happy with her life. She gets up at the same time every day to deliver post to the winding lanes and little villages around where she lives, stopping for a chat at some of the houses along the way. Once a month she has Sunday lunch with her sister Beth’s perfect family, to eat roast chicken while Beth tells her why she should want more out of life.

Beth thinks Kerry is kidding herself. She thinks Kerry needs to move out of the horrible little apartment converted from the garage in their parents’ garden, find a better job, and maybe even meet a man. And now their parents’ house is up for sale, Beth is going to make sure Kerry gets a life… whether Kerry likes it or not.

Kerry knows something Beth doesn’t, though. She knows the happiest of marriages can hide dark secrets, and that even the people you love most in the world can betray you. She’s known that since she was seventeen years old, when she learned her father’s secret.

It’s far safer not to get close to people…

Isn’t it?

A brilliantly emotional novel about moving on and learning to live that will make you laugh out loud and cry buckets. Perfect for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Matt Haig and Mike Gayle.


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Title:   Kerry Tucker Learns to Live
Author:  Louise Voss
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Women's Fiction; Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   303
Date of Publication:  October 6, 2022 
My Rating:   4 Stars

In this book where Kerry Tucker is one of the most unfortunate characters I have read in a long time, what she wanted more than anything was change. Things could not possibly get any worse for Kerry, so there was no time like the present for her to start over. Day after day, year after year, Kerry has been delivering the mail to her neighbors. Life has got to be better than this.

Kerry lives in a tiny garage apartment with very little prospects to change her living situation. However, her mother suddenly passes away and, although saddened by the loss of her mother, Kerry begins to see light at the end of the tunnel. She will move into the family home and hopefully this will one of a long line of changes in her life. Things do not go as planned for Kerry. Her sister Beth wants them to sell the home so that they can split the proceeds. This is not something Kerry wants to do. In fact, this decision and other decisions Kerry needs to make are increasing her stress levels.

Kerry soon learns that she is not completely without hope and very slowly her life begins to turn in a better direction, although some bad decisions still factor in her life. Watching the bad decisions fall off one by one, all while seeing where Kerry would go, and how she could possibly take over her life, kept me turning the pages of this engaging read. However, if there is a Murphy's Law example to be had, poor Kerry was living it. However, redemption was within reach and it was a pleasure watching Kerry work hard to achieve better and happier things for her life. 
Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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Over her twenty-year writing career, Louise Voss has published books via pretty much every publishing model there is, from deals with major traditional publishing houses (Transworld and HarperCollins), to digital (Thomas & Mercer and Bookouture) and self-publishing. In 2011, she and co-author Mark Edwards were the first UK indie-published authors to hit the No.1 spot on Amazon UK. Louise has written thirteen novels in total, seven solo and six co-written, across psychological thrillers, police procedurals and contemporary fiction. 

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