Friday, February 28, 2020

Review - Photos of You

Title:   Photos of You
Author:  Tammy Robinson
Genre:   Women’s Fiction 
Publisher:  Forever
Format:  Print ARC
No. of Pages:   352
Date of Publication:   February 18, 2019
My Rating:   5 Stars


A compassionate, uplifting love story for fans of Me Before You.

When Ava Green turns twenty-eight, she discovers this will be her last birthday. The cancer she thought she'd beaten three years ago is back, only this time it's terminal: and she's not going to waste any of the time she has left. There's one thing she's been dreaming of since she was a small girl: her wedding. There's only one problem. She doesn't have a groom. 

Her friends and family rally around her and decide they will help her throw the wedding of her dreams, just without the actual vows. A mammoth organisation begins. As word spreads, people offer help. In an uncertain time, the whole country seizes the story of a woman whose dying dream is simple, and they unite to give her a wedding to remember. But when a photographer called Lucas Gable volunteers to help document the whole event, it becomes painfully clear that it's never too late to discover the love of your life.


The few words on the front cover of this book as well as the photographs clearly showed that this would be an emotional read. I received this book from the publisher and because I receive so many print arcs it probably went on my bookshelf. I have to apply to a friend of mine who also gets these and told me that this was a tearjerker which was no surprise but also a five star review.

I have to agree with her completely. Having had very close relatives, including my parents that have succumb to this horrible disease I knew that reading this story would be tragic. I knew that it could break me. There are a lot of books that I will not read because of possible triggers. And just as I imagined, I was indeed triggered, yet I kept on reading it because it was impossible to put down. 

Ava Green beat cancer. However that disgusting disease has a tendency to come back in some cases. That is what happened to her. She is 28 years old and will not live to see her 29th birthday. The disease is now beyond treatment.

Most of us have dreams as children. Ava’s biggest dream was to have a beautiful wedding. Despite the fact that there is no groom, her friends and family stand by her and help her plan the day of her dreams. They pull out all the stops and soon a magazine is involved. When the magazine photographer Lucas Gable meets Ava, both of their lives are changed forever. 

I think this is a book that needs to be read. We are all affected by cancer in one way or another. Hopefully this book will gain the traction it needs in order for us to be reminded to make the most out of our lives. Tammy Robinson has written this book in an incredibly touching manner. I loved the writing style as well as the full on commitment and unyielding love Ava was fortunate to have experienced. This book just might be my top read of 2020. 

Many thanks to Forever for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion. 


Tammy Robinson is a contemporary author from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. After years spent working her way around the world, Tammy settled back in New Zealand with her husband, their two girls and a newborn baby boy. She has published six novels through Amazon, and DIFFERENTLY NORMAL is her first novel with Hachette ANZ, and Piatkus in the UK. She has just finished her eighth novel, PHOTOS OF YOU, which will be published by Hachette and Piatkus in 2019.


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