Saturday, February 29, 2020

Review - Night of the Scoundrel

Title:   Night of the Scoundrel
Author:  Kelly Bowen
Series:  The Devils of Dover #3.5
Genre:   Historical Romance
Publisher:   Forever
Format:  Print ARC
No. of Pages:  133
Date of Publication:  November 26, 2019
My Rating:  4 Stars


Can he trust her with his darkest secret?

Ruthless. Dangerous. Known simply as King. No one knows his true name or where he came from. And when he learns that the man who betrayed him has returned to London, King has only one goal: vengeance. But first, he must seek out an unlikely ally to aide him in his pursuit...

Adeline Archambault is as mysterious as she is beautiful. Exiled after the French Revolution, she's determined to reclaim her birthright and deliver the justice that is owed her. King's offer to help her, in exchange for her assistance, is a bargain she can't refuse. But will this deal with a devil lead to a future she never dared hope for?

Vengeance is the name of the game when it comes to King. Discovering the fact that someone who ad him is back, King formulates a plan to ruin the man. Running into Adeline Archambault throws a kink in his plans. She was stripped of something that means everything to her and she will do whatever she can to get it back.

It doesn't take long for King and Adeline to realize that they are at cross purposes. What is more they have a spark, a zing, that neither of them can avoid. Can they possibly work together to achieve their goals? Can they walk away once this is done?

Night of the Scoundrel is a novella in a the enjoyable Devils of Dover series by Kelly Bowen. The first three books are A Duke in the NightLast Night With the Earl and A Rogue by Night

Many thanks to Forever and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada.  I attended the University of Manitoba where I earned a graduate degree in veterinary physiology and spent many years happily working as a research scientist in the agriculture industry.  None of which, of course, has anything to do with writing romance novels.

My writing stemmed from my lifelong obsession with history, a weakness for a good love story and after my first child was born, I sat down to do what I'd also wanted to do - write a novel.  (The entire process being facilitated by the abundance of winter months that can be found in this particular province).  

Currently, I live in Winnipeg with my husband and two boys who are wonderfully patient and supportive of the writing process.  Except, that is, when they need a goalie for street hockey.

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