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Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for The Goodnight Song by Nick Hollin. Please enjoy the excerpt below.


What would you do if someone used your deepest secrets to commit the darkest crimes?

When the cold, lifeless body of a policeman is pulled from the Thames in the early hours of the morning, it appears at first glance to be a terrible accident.

But when old diary pages predicting the exact details of the crime start appearing online, ex-criminal psychologist and owner of the diary, Nathan Radley, becomes the number one suspect in the most terrifying murder investigation the London police has ever seen.

Nathan’s partner, Detective Katie Rhodes knows that he is innocent, because she was with him the night of the attack. But as more extracts are posted, and more bodies begin to surface, how much longer can she ignore the connection?

The trail leads Katie from one dead end to another, until a tiny clue buried deep within the pages leads them to a new suspect; someone dangerous, someone close, someone they trusted…

A nail-biting and unputdownable thriller that fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Peter James will adore. 



Nathan  follows  his  partner  DI  Katie  Rhodes  under  the  police  tape  and  through  the  front  door  of  the  long-abandoned school.  Ahead of them is  a  damp  corridor,  paint  peeling  from  walls  that  would  once  have  been  covered  in  posters and  artwork,  adding  colour,  life.  It’s an  old  comprehensive,  nothing  like  the  expensive  college  Nathan’s  mother’s multi-million  selling  novels  paid  for  him  to  attend,  but  something  about  the  place  does  seem  familiar.

Might he  have  been  here  before?  No.  He would  remember.  Along with  his  imagination,  his  memory  is  key  to  who  he  is  and  what he  does.  No  matter  how  often  he  might  have  wanted  it  to,  his memory  has  never  failed  him.

‘Careful,’  says  Katie  quietly  as  they  reach  a  doorway  that  leads through  to  a  large  room.  ‘I  hear  it’s  pretty  bad.’  Nathan  stops and  looks  at  his  partner;  she’s  never  showed  such  concern  before.

‘Steven  Fish,’  she  says.  ‘His  body  was  discovered  early  this morning  by  kids  who  rang  in  and  didn’t  want  to  leave  their names.’  Nathan  can  see  why  when  he  tentatively  peers  into  the assembly  hall  and  sees  several  smashed  windows  and  a  wealth  of graffiti.  He  takes  careful  steps  towards  the  crime  scene  in  his  paper suit  and  paper  shoe  covers,  but  his  balance  is  slightly  off  and  he bashes  his  shoulder  against  the  door  frame  as  he  enters  the  next room.  Again,  Katie  looks  at  him  with  concern.

 ‘Do  you  want  to  take  a  few  minutes?’  she  says,  stepping  across and  blocking  his  view  of  the  area  where  he  knows  the  body  will  be. ‘I’m  fine,’  he  says  defiantly,  sidestepping  her  to  give  himself a  clear  view…

If your interest has been piqued and you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, you can grab your copy of Nick Hollin’s THE GOODNIGHT SONG here:


From bookbinder to gardener to forensic analyst, Nick has enjoyed an extremely varied working life. At home his interests are equally diverse, but nothing beats books. Collecting, reading, writing, they have always been a passion in one form or another. A graduate of Royal Holloway's Creative Writing Masters, he's fulfilling a long-held dream of being published and hopes to be at this for a good while yet. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his partner, young son and cat. 

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