Friday, September 21, 2018

BLOG BLITZ - I Will Survive

Today is the day for the Blog Blitz for I Will Survive by Pippa James.


Frankie is a single mother. She’s bold. She’s brave. And she’s winning at life… isn’t she?

Underneath her big smile and daring outfits, Frankie’s hiding a secret. Her five-year-old son Liam is awesome. But life as a solo parent is tough. Her job as a barmaid sucks, her meddlesome mother is taking over and she’s far from living her best life.

She’s lost her way and she’s starting to feel… lonely.

So when Frankie’s overbearing mother breaks her leg and has to go and live with her saintly sister, it’s time for Frankie to shake things up. Because she wants to turn things around for the little boy who holds the keys to her broken heart.

Surrounded by perfect mothers, Frankie quickly realises she needs some real mum friends to get her through repetitive school runs and red-faced dating disasters. The kind of people who don’t judge your shop bought cakes and bring wine to your door, just because.

So Frankie sweeps up anxious Kate and organised Alison in her whirlwind. As the unlikely trio face the trials and tantrums of motherhood, they learn that parenting is about surviving one day at a time.
And together they can wing it through anything, can’t they?

A hilarious, feel-good story for every parent who has ever struggled bleary-eyed through toddler tantrums, school fancy dress fails and found friendship over wine and cake. Perfect for fans of The UnMumsy Mum, Why Mummy Drinks and Fiona Gibson.


Title:  I Will Survive
Author:  Pippa James
Genre:  Women's Fiction
Publisher:  Bookouture
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  351
Date of publication:  September 19, 2018
My rating:  4 Stars

I Will Survive focuses on three mothers and their harried lives. Frankie, Alison and Kate all have children attending the same school and they become involved in some common activities, including play dates and the PTA, with all of the planning that ensues. Each woman is fighting the battle of motherhood, failing even. Kate is the most fragile of the three. Frankie is a single mum with very few maternal instincts. Alison is the over-achiever of the trio.

Kate, Alison and Frankie become friends, something difficult but basically necessary. The issues they face have a sense of realism attached. Often they think of their lives Before The Kid.  How many women have pondered that from time-to-time? Oh, plenty, I'm certain. Indeed having children changed their lives irrevocably, so what else is there to do but to handle the lives they lead now? It is not enough to take their children to and from school each day, but it is the other activities that end up bonding the women together.

This is said to be a laugh-out-loud comedy, but I felt it fit more in line with women's fiction, as there was a fair amount of family drama involved. Yes, I smiled occasionally, but I very was involved in the stories and situations presented. Also, there was a touch of romance involved, and this was a nice addition to this warm and engaging story. I Will Survive takes an honest look at the stresses of motherhood. I loved this tender story by Pippa James. It was a quick and delightful read. For people like me who enjoy series, here's something to make you smile, there is a second book to follow.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for an honest opinion.




Growing up in Birmingham, Pippa James was never without at least one book on the go and therefore lived several different lives concurrently. As an adult, she would like to spend much of her time the same way, but she now lives a chaotic life in a small Derbyshire town with her husband and two children. Her writing is frequently interrupted by parenting duties and her day job as a teacher and the only way she can find a quiet space to think, is by taking her laptop to the pub to drink tea and write, which she does at every opportunity.

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  1. This sounds so good and now I wish I had gotten it from NetGalley.