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BLOG TOUR - A Proposal in Provence


In Donna Alward’s latest addition to the Heirs to an Empire miniseries, a life-altering secret is revealed. It all started with an escape from scandal...only to be rescued by the tycoon! PR assistant Anemone Jones loves working in Paris for the glamorous Pemberton family…until she discovers she is in fact their half sibling! When the scandal hits the tabloids, it’s her gorgeous boss, Phillippe Leroux, who sweeps her off to his idyllic home in Grasse. Phillippe’s proposal in Provence gives Annie breathing space to process her new life—and even find a place in his.



Title:   A Proposal in Provence
Author:  Donna Alward
Series:  Heirs to an Empire
Publisher:  Harlequin Romance
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   256
Date of Publication:   January 25, 2022
My Rating:   4 Stars

Anemone Jones had few complaints about life. Actually, she was quite content in her job as a PR assistent for the Pemberton family. One of them treats her quite badly however, and that soon comes to no surprise. Annie is a half-sibling to the Pembertons. Was she their father's dirty little secret? What is she to do now that events have turned to the degree that she will soon receive her due inheritance, one that will change her future together?

Meanwhile, Phillippe Leroux soon becomes her boss and she goes to idyllic Greece to work for him. Will Annie be able to reconcile her past with her present, all while fighting the fact that she is falling for Phillippe?

What a tender story! This ended up not being a case of the sins of the father being cast on his child. While it is true that Annie never got to know her father, he never forgot about her and after his death, she not only learned about him but finds out she will be a very rich woman. What about Phillippe and the baggage he has from a previous relationship? Will this impact their growing feelings? How about her half-siblings? Where will Annie fit in? This well-rounded story was a true delight and I loved how everything came together.

Many thanks to Harlequin Romance and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

Please enjoy the following excerpt:
Excerpt, A PROPOSAL IN PROVENCE by Donna Alward

She was still working through a mental list when Phillipe turned up a hillside street, slowing as he drove through a residential neighborhood. The homes here were nice—stone houses with tile roofs, olive and palm trees, little gardens. Annie had never seen a palm tree in person in her life. And here she was, in the south of France, so close to the Mediterranean. Sitting in a car with the handsomest man she’d ever known.

Was it wrong that a day that was so very horrible also kind of felt like a dream come true?

“Nous sommes ici,” Phillipe said, and Annie nodded as he turned up a short drive to a welcoming-looking two-story house with wood shutters the color of whiskey barrels.

He turned off the car and let out a big breath.

“Phillipe? Before we go in, I just want to say…thank you. Thank you for caring enough to want to help me. You could have just sent me a warning, but you’re a true friend.”

He took off his seat belt and turned in his seat to face her better. “If I overstep, please tell me. I can be…bossy. Single-minded.”

That didn’t sound like the man she knew, today’s activities excepted. “I will, though I won’t have to. I just want you to know that I appreciate you so much. You have always—” Her throat tightened and she took a moment to swallow, ease the knot that had formed. “You have always treated me with caring and respect.” She gave a small, secretive smile. “Maybe more than I wanted. You’re a good man, Phillipe.”

His gaze held hers and the air in the car filled with the same delicious tension that had shimmered between them last night. But then they both sat back, knowing it would only complicate matters further if they gave in to the attraction they’d done so well ignoring all day.

“Come,” he said softly, giving her the smile she found so devastating. “Meet my parents. Be at home.”

He retrieved their bags from the back seat and then they walked up the stone path together. Phillipe lifted his hand to knock but before he could, the door swung open and a woman stood there, her smile wide, the joy in her eyes unmistakable.

“Vous ĂȘtes ici!”

He laughed, put down the bags, and pulled her into his arms.


Donna lives on Canada's east coast. When she's not writing she enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking, and is a Masterpiece Theater addict. While her heartwarming stories have been translated into several languages, hit bestseller lists and won awards, her favorite thing is to hear from readers! Visit her on the web at and join her mailing list at

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