Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review: The Little Cottage on the Hill

 The Little Cottage on the Hill by Emma Davies

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Every now and again you pick up just the perfect book. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Little Cottage on the Hill by Emma Davies was just that book.

Maddie has fled what was a successful job in London for a chance of a new job. Will she get the fresh start that she desperately needs? Upon meeting her new boss Seth, she is not so sure. On more than one occasion, her future is looking very bleak. She is quite indomitable however. Seth just doesn't know what to do with Maddie. Her ideas for restoring his home and property, Joy's Acre,  clash with his at just about every turn. The question is whether or not the two of them can agree as to what needs to be done.

Meanwhile, there are other characters in this story - Agatha and Clara, for starters.  Agatha is grating and, while her relationship to Seth is unclear at first, has an important role in the restoration project. Clara is a woman who Maddie finds herself quite drawn to. But, truly, what is she to Seth? Why does Maddie care so much anyway? She is there to do a good job, and that is it. At least that is her original goal.

This story is truly heartwarming. There was a place in the story when Maddie realized that she has found home and I was truly moved. Also, the romance that develops between Maddie and Seth is quite touching. That was developed at a very nice pace. If I have any qualms with this story it would be that I just didn't know what was driving most of the characters at first. As the story developed, however, I was able to be satisfied enough. My questions were answered. Everything made sense.

There is a strong factor that I enjoyed in this book too. It was a true sweet romance. I absolutely love a clean, non-explicit love story that can pull at your heartstrings. This story  is part of a four-book series, one which I will happily gobble up book after book.

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