Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: Relations

Relations by Pamela D. Beverly

Four Stars

Relations, by Pamela D. Beverly, is a romance, simply put. In every romance novel you have at least two things – protagonists and conflict. In this book,. Frank Ellis is delivering one of his many successful financial seminars. A woman in the audience, Delilah Carpenter, catches his eye…and vice versa. The conflict is that she is white and he is African American.

If this were the only conflict, per se, the story would fall flat. Frank travels extensively in his line of work. And, they live a thousand miles apart…not just in miles, but in differences. These differences not only directly affect how Frank and Delilah feel about each other, but in how the world around them affects this loving relationship. This book emphasizes how racism and cultural differences are still huge in this world. Her family's reaction to Frank's being African American is quite mixed. However, despite the problems encountered with their dating, Frank sees Delilah as a woman of the human race, not as another race itself, as many see it.

I was drawn into not just the issue of race, and how it affected the couple, but in the day-to-day challenges affecting this growing relationship. Character development was quite good. Believable. This was definitely a one-sitting read. I was rooting for Frank and Delilah, as well as their friends Andy and Twyla, as their relationship is quite similar. I look forward to reading more from Pamela D. Beverly.

Many thanks to NetGalley for this ARC to review.

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