Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: My Every Breath

My Every Breath by Brittney Sahin

My rating: 4 Stars

At a bachelor party Cade King, businessman and millionaire, spots a beautiful woman. Oh my, she hits him hard, but she immediately warns him off. Gia Callaghan clearly tells him that she is not the woman for him to be hitting on. Boy, was she right! She is the daughter of a hitman working for the Irish mob. His interest in Gia is not to be put off, and now he has become the target of this mob.

Since the age of sixteen, Gia has been trying to escape. Meanwhile, Cade sees that she is truly in danger – and takes whatever risks necessary to protect her. With help from some very sharp friends of Cade's, they flee. But Gia is trying to hide her true ultimate goal from Cade, raising the stakes even higher.

While Cade's intentions are truly honorable, the chemistry between him and Gia is undeniable. Then, there is the secret that Gia is withholding from Cain. Where will things go? My Every Breath by Brittney Sahin is a true romantic suspense. This talented author certainly kept me guessing where things might turn.

Thank you to and to NetGalley for this ARC to review.

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