Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: The Lieutenants' Online Love

The Lieutenants' Online Love by Caro Carson

My rating: 4 Stars

First Lieutenant Thane Carter is in a serious online relationship with someone that he only knows as Ballerina Bun. She knows him as Drummer. They have cultivated a wonderful six-month relationship where their feelings are shooting past the friend zone. When they both encourage each other to make a real-life friend, Thane spots Chloe Michaels at a pool party and meets the woman of his dreams.

A most unfortunate thing happens. In short order, Thane realizes that she is his new co-worker, where there is a no fraternization policy amongst officers. Without any explanation, he shatters any illusion that they could develop anything beyond their all-too-brief encounter at the pool party. Before long, Thane realizes that Chloe is his “Ballerina Bun”, but he feels that he’s been bamboozled.

This is a quick, light read with a sad twinge as I couldn’t help but root for this couple to find a way to be together. I'm glad to say that this romance did not disappoint.

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