Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: The Devil Died at Midnight

The Devil Died at Midnight by Cheryl Bradshaw

My rating: 5 Stars

True-crime writer Alexandra Weston is relieved that she is at the final stop of her book tour. But then, she is found murdered in the rest room. Her latest book is her rewrite about the life and death of serial killer Elias Pratt, twenty-five years later. It was a rewrite that she did not want to do. If she didn’t agree to the rewrite, the publishers were going to use fellow writer Joss Jax, and Alexandra did not want that either. So, she wrote the book.

Joss is also a television host and her show is on hiatus. So she is visiting New Orleans and also attends the book signing. Joss needs to know why Alexandra is murdered and sets out to investigate. While doing so, Joss is fighting her own demons. Something happened five years ago. She comes close to telling bodyguard and friend Finch, but decides against it and forges ahead with her investigation.

Who really was Elias Pratt, the serial killer that was the subject of these books, as well as the rewrite? What did publishing this new book have to do with Alexandra's murder? Joss is led in several different directions, sometimes wondering which has the most priority. As it seems, everything is leading to secrets. And really, wow! What secrets!

What an excellent read by Cheryl Bradshaw! The suspense is stellar and there is a surprising twist that changes everything. More than one, actually, which leads to a shocking conclusion. I recently became familiar with this talented author and will continue to read her great books.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Kobo Writing Life for this review copy.

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