Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Cross Your Heart

Cross Your Heart by Kierney Scott

My rating: 5 Stars

While on medical leave, FBI Special Agent Jess Bishop has started an unofficial investigation on a cold case. A serial killer has been targeting little girls. When she is reinstated, the case takes on an official nature. More critical details are now available to Jess, but then another little girl is abducted. Time is of the essence, as they are desperate to locate her, especially since they do not have many leads. The only thing that they do have is a common link between all of the girls.

Meanwhile, Jess is still running from her own personal demons. In Kierney Scott’s first book in the series, Forget Me Not, we learned much about Jess and what makes her tick. In the first book we learned about what Jess experienced and how it has affected who she is now. However, if she was already a dark, disconnected soul, then she is ever more so now. This is due to her last case where she was injured and almost lost her partner Jamison – who is extremely special to her. So she must now struggle with her personal traumas while racing against time to prevent another little girl from being snatched.

Cross Your Heart is an excellent one-sitting read! When I got this book for review, I decided to read the first in the series. This is a habit of mine really. I like connecting with the characters and by reading these two titles back-to-back I felt as if I knew all of the players really well, especially Jess. This characterization, as well as a fast-moving plot, kept me riveted to the story. This book has a sharp twist and incredible sadness to it also. I kept wishing, obviously, for the perpetrator to be stopped, but also for Jess and Jamison. I have a strong feeling that as the series progresses, that they can heal, even just to be able to be friends again. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, Kierney Scott has a new fan in me.

Many thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for this ARC to review.

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