Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Speechless

Speechless by Paris Hansen

My rating: 4 Stars

Oliver Brooks has been trying to take his relationship with Meghan Crosby to the next level. However, Meghan's life experiences have made her a live in the now kind of woman, one who never intended on settling down. On the other hand, Oliver has every intention of doing just that. The question is whether or not he can win Meghan over before she shuts him out completely.

After a weekend in Vegas with friends, the very drunk couple end up getting married. This may just give Oliver the chance to win her over. He hatches a plan that Meghan, albeit a bit reluctantly, agrees to.

When approaching Speechless, I anticipated a light-hearted romance, instead, it quickly became heart-wrenching! Paris Hansen does a fantastic job with her characters and their angst. Although this is the third in the Finding Love series, it does quite well as a standalone. Even so, I already downloaded the first two and will go back and read them at another time.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Weapenry Co-op for this book to review.

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