Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone by D.L. Michaels

My rating: 4 Stars

Annie Parker. Paula and Danny Smith. Sarah. Martin. They are all dealing with secrets. At first, they all seem unconnected. But as the story wears on, and we learn about each individual, the dots slowly become connected. Each character is told in first person as their stories unfold.

For Annie, a DI from the Historic Crimes Unit, she is investigating a murder from over twenty years ago. Paula, a successful businesswoman, is unhappily married to alcoholic husband Danny. She badly wants a divorce, but he won’t grant it. Then there is Sarah. She meets Martin Johnson and they quickly fall in love and marry. Everyone, as it seems, is hiding secrets.

Although a slow read at first, the stories begin to intertwine. I was eager to see how all of these secrets were to unravel. There were some surprise plot turns. Nothing earth-shattering per se, but enough to keep me reading deep into the night. Dead and Gone is the first in a new series. I look forward to D.L. Michaels next book.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Aria for this ARC to review.

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