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BLOG TOUR - Wyoming Special Delivery


Their feuding fathers never could have predicted this… 

He came to claim the Dawson Family Ranch…but was Daisy Dawson’s heart part of the deal?

Harrison McCord was sure he was the rightful owner of the Dawson Family Ranch. And delivering Daisy Dawson’s baby on the side of the road was a mere diversion. Still, when Daisy found out his intentions, instead of pushing him away, she invited him in, figuring he’d start to see her in a whole new light. But what if she started seeing him that way, as well?

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Title Wyoming Special Delivery
Author:  Melissa Senate
Series:  Dawson Family Ranch #2
Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   224
Date of Publication:   April 1, 2020
My Rating:   4 Stars

Daisy Dawson is angry and perhaps a bit embarrassed.  She pregnant and about to walk down the aisle. However, a phone call changes everything. There will be no wedding.

She is driving down the road and in utter frustration over everything, especially after rereading her almost husband's text that she throws her phone out of the window. Daisy was not even sure where she was going, but she had to blow off some steam.

Suddenly her car stalls and there is no one in site. She can't even call for help. Daisy really begins to panic when she begins having labor pains - consistent and painful. Daisy's family owns a ranch and one of their guests sees her on the road. What a blessing! Harrison McCord cannot believe that he was just in time to help Daisy, and that he was able to deliver her son.

Daisy is more than grateful for being able to safely deliver her baby. She feels indebted to Harrison. Harrison knows that her warm feelings will not last for very long, because he is there to tell her and her brothers that is is actually the rightful owner of their family ranch. Harrison hates that he has to deliver this bad news, but he has proof and now the Dawson family will lose their legacy.

Not so fast. Daisy has a plan. Will she be able to convince Harrison to let her family keep the ranch? Also, that feeling she gets when she is around him? What about that? She just had a baby, and is actually kind of relieved that she didn't get married. Having romantic feelings for Harrison makes no sense. Especially with it being right after having her baby, and the fact that he intends on taking away all of their hard work to make their ranch beautiful and profitable.

I love Daisy and her family. They share a very strong bond and reading this book gave me a warm feeling. I also enjoyed Daisy's pleasant personality and her kindness. Harrison had me worried for a minute, but he was also very easy to love in this story. It was wonderful that this was a sweet story. It is really nice to read a book where emotions play high while a romance is being built. 

I wasn't aware that this is the second book in the Dawson Family Ranch series, but that did not stop me from truly enjoying this book as it did quite well as a standalone. I do want to read any upcoming books in the series. It will be nice to see Daisy's brothers find love. 

Many thanks to Harlequin Special Edition and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

Please enjoy the following excerpt:

A letter from the author:

Dear Reader,

The nine-months-pregnant single heroine of Wyoming Special Delivery, Daisy Dawson, is one of six siblings and the only female. But when she goes into labor on the side of a Wyoming road in the dead of summer without a cell phone or a spare brother, she’s beyond grateful when the handsome, mysterious guest at her family’s dude ranch turns up—and delivers her baby boy.

But Harrison McCord has a secret reason for staying at the Dawson Family Ranch. A reason Daisy will not like one bit. Bringing her newborn son into the world, though, changes everything for the both of them.

I hope you enjoy Daisy and Harrison’s story. Feel free to write me with any comments or questions at and visit my website, for more info about me and my books. For lots of photos of my cat and dog, friend me over on Facebook.

Happy spring and happy reading!

Warmest regards,

Melissa Senate

Excerpt, WYOMING SPECIAL DELIVERY by Melissa Senate

Late the next afternoon, Daisy stood in the farmhouse nursery with Noah and Sara and gasped as she looked around. She gently put down Tony’s infant carrier and unbuckled him, carefully cradling him along her arm as she stepped around the room. The nursery sure looked different than it had a day and a half ago. She’d had the basics of the room set up for a couple months now—the crib, the dresser with its changing pad, the glider—all gifts from Noah a few days after she’d told him she was pregnant. But now there were surprises everywhere. In one corner was an adorable plush child’s chair in the shape of a teddy bear for Tony to grow into. And someone had stenciled the wall facing the crib with the moon and stars. Tony’s name was also stenciled on his crib, which was Sara’s handiwork. And there were stacks of gifts in one corner that she knew were baby clothes and blankets and burp cloths. She wouldn’t have to buy anything for Tony for a long time.

“Ford and Rex did the moon and stars,” Noah said. “For novice stencilers who had to read the instructions twice and watch a tutorial, they did a great job.”

“And Zeke and Axel hit up BabyLand and bought that adorable polka-dot rug and the yellow floor lamp,” Sara added. “I didn’t even go with them to make sure they didn’t buy anything weird or clashing, and what they picked out is absolutely perfect.”

The room was so cozy and sweet. “You guys are going to make me cry,” Daisy managed to say around the lump in her throat as she surveyed the nursery. She used her free hand to swipe under her eyes.

She couldn’t say she and her brothers were close—well, except for Noah these days—but they were always there for her. And they’d all been there to meet Tony the day he was born. That was the one lucky thing to come out of her nonwedding—her whole family had already been at the ranch.

This place had always held bad memories for all the siblings, but after inheriting the ranch from their father, they’d all invested in rebuilding and renovating and reopening the Dawson Family Guest Ranch. Noah had done the lion’s share on his own; Daisy had been too pregnant to help much when she’d arrived a few months ago, and the four other Dawsons couldn’t get away from the ranch fast enough.

Ford had once said hell would freeze over be-fore he’d come back here, a sentiment shared by the other three brothers as well, but Ford, Rex, Axel and Zeke had surprised Noah and Daisy at the grand opening this past Memorial Day weekend. And now Axel was staying at the ranch for a bit. That meant three out of six Dawsons at the ranch at the same time. It was a start. And Daisy was going to run with it.


Melissa Senate has written many novels for Harlequin and other publishers, including her debut, SEE JANE DATE, which was made into a TV movie. She also wrote seven books for Harlequin's Special Edition line under the pen name Meg Maxwell. Melissa's novels have been published in over twenty-five countries. She lives on the coast of Maine with her teenaged son, their sweet shepherd mix, Flash, and a comical lap cat named Cleo. Visit her website


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