Thursday, April 15, 2021

Review - Her Last Chance

:   Her Last Chance
Author:  Alison Ragsdale
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   311
Date of Publication:   April 13, 2021
My Rating:   5 Stars

My darling girl, I watch you playing outside in the grass. Your long blonde hair sweeps back and your blue eyes are bright with joy. You are utterly perfect, I never imagined something could be so wrong and I’d be powerless to protect you…

Ava’s daughter Carly is everything a ten-year-old should be: energetic, creative and the light of her parents’ lives. But when she starts stumbling down stairs and walking into doors, Ava wants to rush to the doctor. Her husband Rick is sure she’s fretting over nothing – kids can be a little clumsy sometimes. But Ava’s instinct is telling her something is seriously wrong.

Against Rick’s advice, Ava takes Carly to see a specialist and is given a devastating diagnosis: a rare genetic condition that will change her future forever. When Rick realises the truth, he is determined to do all he can to help Carly enjoy what light she has left. The close-knit family take it one day at a time, walking to the beach and watching the sunrise.

Just as Ava begins to imagine a new future for them all, a tragic accident throws their lives into chaos once more. To give her daughter a chance at a full life, Ava faces a devastating choice. How can she possibly choose between the two people she loves most?

An emotional, heartbreaking page-turner about a mother’s love and an utterly devastating decision. Readers of Kate Hewitt, My Sister’s Keeper and Diane Chamberlain will keep this story in their hearts forever.


Call it the natural instinct of a caring mother, but Ava knows something is wrong with her daughter Carly. Her husband Rick is a wonderful husband and father, but he thinks Carly will be just fine. Nonetheless, Ava takes Carly to be evaluated and soon sees a specialist. Ava discovers that Carly has a degenerative diseases that will eventually cost Carly her sight. 

Stunned by this devastating news, and truly saddened that Carly might never see the fulfillment of what just might be a promising career as an artist, Ava and Rick make plans to do some traveling to give Carly an opportunity to see as much of the world as possible before her world goes completely dark. 
Just as the family is beginning their adventure, a terrible accident occurs and Ava is torn, now providing for Carly's needs as her vision grows dimmer and dimmer is at war with something equally critical. What road will Ava take? 

In this compelling read by Alison Ragsdale, love, emotion, tragedy and sacrifice all play critical roles. This sensitive story shows love at its deepest, making this a heartbreaking read. However, there is a thread of hope that shines through, especially when it comes to the hearts of the characters in this touching story. I was completely in awe of this wonderful story. As a wife, mother and grandmother, I could not help but put myself in Ava's place as I read this book. I applaud the author for writing such a fabulous read and now cannot wait to read more from her in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and to Bookouture for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


A proud Scots lass, I was born in Edinburgh and the connection to my homeland has never left me. Consequently, my novels are set in the stunning Highlands and islands of Scotland.

I’ve had what could be termed a varied career. I trained as a professional ballet dancer and worked in the field of dance for many years. When an injury called a halt to that, I eventually became a marketing executive. After two decades in that world, I started my own health-services business but it took too great a toll on me so my husband encouraged me to focus on writing, as I’d always dreamed of doing.

I took the leap of faith in 2014 and dived into my first full-length novel TUESDAY’S SOCKS. It was a scary feeling, putting my ‘baby’ out there, but I was delighted when readers fell for my sweet protagonist, Jeffrey Mere. TUESDAY’S SOCKS soon became an Amazon bestseller. My second novel, THE FATHER-DAUGHTER CLUB, came out at the end of 2014. I was thrilled when it too made it to an Amazon best seller list, receiving a wonderful review from Kirkus Reviews, and going on to win the 2016, IPPY Bronze medal for Best Regional Fiction – Europe.

My third Amazon best selling novel, FINDING HEATHER, was released in October 2016 and my fourth, A LIFE UNEXPECTED, won a 2018 IPPY Bronze medal in the Popular Fiction category, then become an Amazon best seller too.

TTHE ART OF REMEMBERING, released in July, 2019 debuted as a best seller. It has since been included in BookBub’s 2019 Best Book Club Book list, was honored as a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards, was shortlisted in the 2019 CIBA Somerset Award, and was a finalist in the 2020 Eric Hoffer Award.

THE LIAR AND OTHER STORIES is my first collection of short stories and was released in May, 2020.

My seventh book, DIGNITY AND GRACE, was released in July, 2020 and is an Amazon #1 bestseller.

My next book, HER LAST CHANCE, will be released in April, 2021.

While I didn’t set out to be an author, it has always been a dream of mine and now, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband and the forces of the universe, that has become a reality.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I loved writing them


  1. Sounds like this is an extremely emotional read!

  2. I think being able to put you inside the character or story is the sign of a great author