Monday, April 5, 2021

BLOG TOUR - Save My Daughter


As soon as we sat on the ride I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t hear the theme park music, the giggles of my two other children. I’d left my baby in someone else’s care. And I knew I’d made a mistake…

With her two beautiful children and newborn baby Ella, Lily’s life is full of love and laughter. She gave up her job to be a stay-at-home mother, and though she sometimes envies the freedom of best friend Hannah, Lily wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But Lily’s world implodes when Hannah disappears with Ella one day, and Lily fears from the text message she receives that Hannah doesn’t intend to come back:

You don’t deserve her.

It’s true that Lily has been keeping secrets about her marriage from Hannah, ones she thought only she and her husband knew. Suddenly Lily realises that there are things she doesn’t know about Hannah too – and that by keeping her husband’s secrets, she might pay the ultimate sacrifice.

A rollercoaster ride of emotions, Save My Daughter will break your heart. Fans of Jodi Picoult, Kate Hewitt and Diane Chamberlain will be swept away by Sam Vickery’s utterly gorgeous novel.


:   Save My Daughter
Author:  Sam Vickery
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   250
Date of Publication:  April 1, 2021 
My Rating:    4 Stars

Lily and Hannah are best friends - friends who have always told each other everything. That all changes when Hannah takes Lily's baby Ella. Why did Hannah kidnap Ella? What secrets have the two women been keeping from one another that would drive Hannah to such a desperate act?

When Hannah looks at her friend, she sees someone living an idyllic life - a woman with a husband, two school-age children and now a new baby. Hannah doesn't have any of those things. In fact, there are things that she wants in life that seem incredibly out of reach. In most kidnapping cases, the parents and the police are rather frenzied trying to locate the kidnapper in order to rescue the child. However, in this case, it is perfectly clear that Hannah took Ella. In fact, she tells Lily in a note that she does not even deserve baby Ella. 

Meanwhile, the story shifts to what is going on behind closed doors in Lily and husband's Jon's life. Difficult, life-changing things are happening, things that Lily kept from her best friend. While coping with their current situation, now they are desperately hoping to get Ella back safe and sound.

While the story is about locating baby Ella, it reaches far deeper. In fact, it touches on some significant issues that each woman faces. What is more is that the secrets they are each harboring just might prove to result in the collapse of the precious friendship that they had for years. This proved to be quite thought-provoking, leading me to wonder how things could have been so very different if trust and communication were stronger between Lily and Hannah. 

This tender story delivers in two effective ways. One is the first person perspective from both Hannah and Lily. Also, there is the past and then way the story is told. This all plays together to create a compelling read that culminated in an evocative conclusion. Save My Daughter is an incredibly sensitive story that was so captivating, so touching and so emotional that I truly connected with Hannah and Lily. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Sam Vickery is an English author who loves gritty, emotional stories that can make you sob. As a child, she was forever getting in trouble for being caught with her nose in a book, and these days are no different. She lives on the south coast of England with her husband, two children and a cat that thinks it's a dog.


  1. Brilliant review Robin. I really want to read this.

  2. You are much braver and stronger than I am, missing children story turn me inside out

  3. My kind of book. Emotional and intense, from the sound of it!