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BLOG TOUR - An Orphan’s Song


England, 1951. A tear-jerking and uplifting story about children orphaned by war, the grieving young woman who cares for them, and their journey together to healing.

Clara Newton’s American pilot fiancĂ© died during the war, she thought she might never heal. But now she has a new life looking after orphans in a children’s home named in his memory. Like wide-eyed, musical little Rita, who refuses to believe her mother died during the Blitz. With the Festival of Britain approaching, Clara is delighted to see the children singing and preparing to audition together. And with D-Day war hero and handyman Ivor living next door, she begins to open her heart once more.

But when a deeply troubled orphan arrives on Clara’s doorstep, she faces her greatest challenge yet. 
Clifford has arrived without a background file and while Clara struggles to meet his needs, she is desperately in need of help. Turning to Ivor for comfort, she is broken-hearted when he decides he may never be ready for love again, as he adjusts to life as a single father.

Clara has never failed to help any of the orphans in her care. And when little Rita encourages Clifford to join their singing group, she hopes he may begin to find his way. But soon he endangers not only their beloved plans for the Festival of Britain but the lives of the other children…

When disaster strikes, can Clara save the orphans and make Rita’s dreams of singing for Britain come true? And while Ivor cares for his baby alone, can Clara have a future with the man she loves?

A totally uplifting and emotional tear-jerker set after World War Two. Fans of Before We Were Yours, Diney Costeloe and The Orphan Sisters will be reaching for the tissues and reading all through the night.

Title:   An Orphan’s Song
Author:  Lizzie Page
Series:  Shilling Grange Children's Home #3
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Historical Fiction 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   396    
Date of Publication:  July 13, 2022  
My Rating:   5 Stars

The Orphan's Song is the third book in the Shilling Grange Children's Home series. Clara Burton is still the housemother, and she has both old and new charges under her care. The first two books, The Orphanage and A Place to Call Home, were very endearing and this third book is just as engaging.

If you have been following this series, you will be familiar with some of the children living at the small orphanage, including Rita, Peg, Maureen, and a few others. When Clara receives a new child, Clifford, he comes without a file, so Clara is unaware of any challenges facing him - a precocious young gentleman who would prefer to be called Cliff. Another new child, Denny, has his own challenges, but Clara proves she is more than worthy when it comes to caring for all of the children. 

Clara's time is torn. One thing is that the children have formed a singing group and they have an immediate opportunity to perform an the upcoming Festival of Britain. One of the surprises that Clara finds is that Peg, a child who does not speak at all, is exceptional with playing the drums, and this puts a light in young Peg's eyes. There is another situation that takes Clara's time, and that is a fire in the barn raises quite a bit of concern as she is chilled at the thought that the fire could have reached the house where she and the children are living.

One very special thing about Clara is that once the children move on, like Peter, Clara stays in touch with them. Moreover, her concern for all of the children really shines through, such as when Maureen experiences emotional pain. I also enjoyed Evelyn's role in this book, as she was my favorite child in book two, thus illustrating the benefit of reading this delightful series in order. Each story truly touched my heart. Then there is Clara's neighbor and friend Ivor. I loved his role in this book and really look forward to seeing where things go with him and Clara in the next book in this series.

For a book and series that will make your heart sing, although there are sad moments - especially considering that the children are all orphans - then I highly recommend these books by Lizzie Page. 
Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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Lizzie Page loves reading ALL the books, and she's always loved reading the adventures of women in the past so it seemed natural to her to write historical fiction.

Lizzie lives with her family by the sea in South East England. And with her dog. How did she forget her dog? She enjoys traveling and lived in Japan for several years. Lizzie has had lots of different jobs from waitressing and teaching to admin and bingo-calling - but being a writer is her absolute favourite.

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