Thursday, June 21, 2018

Review: The Photograph

The Photograph by Debbie Rix

My rating: 5 Stars

The Photograph is a gentle story equally divided among Sophie and Rachael. In Italy, 1958, Rachael is a young widow with a small child. She's currently in a small village of Italy while accompanying her father while is runs an archaeological dig. Just widowed, Rachael has borne a young daughter. She fell in love that following summer for young Tommaso. This beautiful love only brought her heartache, however.

In England, 2017, Sophie is a successful anthropologist, with a loving husband and a beautiful home. She has it all, except for the one desire she has thus been unable to fulfill, that of having a child. This drive has begun to drive a wedge between Sophie and her husband Hamish. Sophie's desire to mother has become crucial to her happiness, even at the expense of her once happy marriage. Finding a picture of her grandmother Rachael as a young woman might just prove to be just the distraction that Sophie needs. Never would she have imagined that also throwing herself into her work might expose an amazing link to her grandmother.

Oh how my heart broke for Rachael, especially when her father told her, "Sometimes, Rachael,, is just not enough." Then later he tells her, "Love does not hurt forever. I know." Oh, poor Rachael. Oh I cried. I had just as many tears for Sophie, for her tries, for her losses and for her ultimate happiness.

I am drawn to titles from this publisher. I have been since joining NetGalley. I mention that here because, truthfully, without such, this magnificent title would have most definitely slipped through my fingers. I completely connected not only to Rachael and Sophie and to their tender stories, but also to the other characters, such as George, Tommaso, among others. So, I said magnificent. Why so? The telling of both stories was done quite excellently. Going from past to present to back again was always presented with such ease. I was truly enthralled with this captivating story.

Many thanks to Debby Rix, Bookouture and NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Date of publication:  June 27, 2018

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