Friday, June 1, 2018

Review: Bed of Bones

Bed of Bones by Cheryl Bradshaw

(Previously reviewed on Goodreads)

My rating: 4 Stars

In Bed of Bones, Sloane Monroe #5, a tragic accident that took place over sixty years ago led to the discovery of seven women’s bodies at the bottom of an abandoned silver mine. Upon the release of an Indie film called Bed of Bones, a bombing takes place. This sets the theme for this story.

Immediately after the bombing, it is realized that the director of the film is missing, and she becomes a suspect. Sloane Monroe, P.I., works closely with Carlo Luciano, of the FBI, brother of her recently estranged boyfriend, Giovanni, who was seriously injured in the bombing.

For those who love reading series as much as I do, there are several connected characters that have strong roles in this book. This is an excellent read, as are all the books in the series by Cheryl Bradshaw.

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