Saturday, June 23, 2018

Review: The First One to Die

The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins

My rating: 5 Stars

In Book 2 of the Detectives King and Lane series, college student Keira North has fallen to her death during a party. As Alex King's investigation ensues, she quickly surmises that it was not an accident. So, it quickly becomes a murder investigation. Keira was part of a tight-knit group of four, and, apparently, they all had secrets. If that was why Keira was killed, what then, does that bode for the others?

Meanwhile, Chloe is making strides with overcoming personal tragedy that we read of in her past, including recently. Alex is dealing with her own issues, putting both women in difficult positions when it comes to this current case at hand, especially when another murder occurs.

As mentioned, this is the second in the series, and it does function well enough as a standalone. However, to understand Alex and Chloe a bit more, reading the first book, The Girls in the Water, might be of help. I am one who loves series, and I love the fact that I read that one first. In any case, Victoria Jenkins has a powerful writing style and that appeals to me. She captures the voice of the characters quite well. I was caught up with the twists and turns in this story and this was a book I could just not put down.

When I chose Nobody's Child to review, it was a no-brainer that I had to read the first two books in this series, including this book. Boy am I glad I did! I absolutely loved book one, but this one, well, it just floored me. I was like, WOW! more than once! Then I had other reactions, like sadness when it came to what Alex was experiencing with her mother. Despite the book being over 300 pages, it felt like a quick read. It was a compelling page-turner. I look forward to following this series closely, including reading the third title, Nobody's Child, just as soon as possible.

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