Thursday, June 21, 2018

Review: The Girls in the Water

The Girls in the Water by Victoria Jenkins

4.5 Stars

The Girls in the Water is Book #1 in the Detectives Alex King and Chloe Lane series. Early one cold winter morning, Alex is called to a gruesome murder scene where the body of a woman is found in a river. Before long, another woman goes missing, and her body, too, is eventually found. What do these two women have in common? We the reader are quickly introduced to a support group they both belonged to and there the beginning of our answer lies.

Meanwhile, Alex's partner, Chloe, is more than a bit distracted. She has a secret, one she knows she must share with Alex. She has been receiving enigmatic email messages, ones that have to do with the death of her brother, who tragically died sometime after he was accused of murdering his girlfriend, something to which Chloe stoically refuses to accept. Alex is very willing to help Chloe, but wants full attention to the case at hand first.

I love reading series, and because I am coming in late, I already have books two and three, The First One to Die and Nobody's Child, both of which I am quite eager to read. This book was a great mix of suspense, the solving of the crimes at hand, and the sensitive nature of Chloe's situation.

Will both Alex and Chloe get the results so desperately needed? Will the young Chloe manage to hold onto her job with her inability to focus on her work? Both questions are clearly examined in this book by Victoria Jenkins. I enjoy the fact that I will be able to see these characters develop in the series that is now available, as well as what no doubt is to come. This is an excellent debut novel, with a terrific plot and subplot, great characterization, shocking twists and turns, while offering great promise for future novels.

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