Sunday, June 10, 2018

My thoughts on Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding
    by Tom Seeley (and other ilustrators)

Wait! Batman and Catwoman are getting married? Color me surprised. The thing is, I was excitedly talking to my future son-in-law about my new review blog, and about some of the genres that I prefer to review. Knowing that he and my daughter love graphic novels, and that they see lots of new movies, I thought he'd be interested in the fact that #NetGalley has Comics & Graphic novels as a genre for selection raised my interest.

Where do you start when you've never read a graphic novel before? Does Mouse Guard by David Peterson count? I have read and loved six of those titles.

But, Batman, a character that I loved during my youth, and marrying that love with my love of reviewing and my adulthood, well, that is rather intriguing. So, I decided to begin with requesting Batman Vol. 6: Bride of Burglar and Batman: White Night from #NetGalley. I don't know if my requests will be honored, but I am rather excited and hopeful that they will be.

Where to begin with Batman and Catwoman's engagement? I purchased Prelude to the Wedding. Have I jumped into this story too far in? I won't know until I read this graphic novel. I can't wait to see.

Next on tap is Batman Vol. 6, Bride vs. Burglar, release date July 31, 2018.

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