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Review - The Stranger

The Stranger
Author Kiersten Modglin 
Genre:   Psychological Thriller 
Format:  Kindle ARC
Date of Publication:  February 1, 2024
No. of Pages:  164
My Rating:  5 Stars 

Never trust a stranger…

But, late at night and trapped in the middle of nowhere during a terrible snowstorm, Tibby and Walker have no choice.

With roads shutting down and cell towers out, running into each other and deciding to travel together could either be their saving grace or worst mistake. When they’re forced to take an unexpected detour and seek refuge in a roadside motel, the storm quickly becomes the least of their worries.

A disturbing discovery in the motel, the questionable actions of the mysterious owner and fellow guests, and a news report about a missing couple in the area set the scene for a terrifying night, but the worst is yet to come.

Each stranger holds a secret…but which one should be trusted?

From million-copy bestselling author Kiersten Modglin comes a fast-paced, heart-pounding thriller filled with secrets, lies, and hairpin twists and turns as dangerous as the icy roads the story is set upon.


The new year is approaching and Walker is on his way to spend time with family. He sees a woman on the road, and the weather is rather awful. She hardly looks equipped to be out in a snowstorm. And, she is miles from anywhere. He does the kind thing and stops and offers her a ride.

Well, he is a stranger. Her name is Tibby and she is in a quandary. Yes, she is stranded. Yes, the weather is dangerous. And, yes, she only has a moment to decide whether to trust the stranger who has offered her a ride.

Meanwhile, there is a "before" in this latest thriller by Kiersten Modglin. There is a brutal killer out there in the elements. Is the killer traveling the same road that Tibby is now on with Walker, or could it be that either of them is actually the killer?

What a story! Want a book that will keep you glued to its pages, or to your ereader? Well, look no further than The Stranger. With nail-biting suspense, this book kept me guessing.

Many thanks to Kiersten Modglin for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Kiersten Modglin is an Amazon top-30 bestselling author of award-winning psychological thrillers and a member of International Thriller Writers. Kiersten lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and their two Boston Terriers: Cedric and Georgie. She is best known for her unpredictable suspense and her readers have dubbed her 'The Queen of Twists.' A Netflix addict, Shonda Rhimes super-fan, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys rainy days spent with her nose in a book.


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