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BLOG TOUR - Her Dying Wish


Kerstin is wide awake. While her family sleeps around her, the devastating secret her husband just told her is spinning through her mind. Does she really know the man she married? And are her children still safe in this small town?

She jumps as she hears a sound from outside. Peering into the inky darkness, her eyes focus on movement at the bottom of the garden. Someone is out there.

She watches as the figure strikes a single match. Kerstin gasps at the sight of the face staring back at her, smiling, as if enjoying her fear.

A car door slams and the figure makes a dash for the trees, leaving something behind – a small memorial candle. As it flickers in the darkness, Kerstin knows exactly what it means. Someone is coming for her, and her family is in terrible danger…

Fans of Angela Marsons, Cara Hunter and Clare Mackintosh will love this utterly gripping crime novel. Her Dying Wish will keep you up all night!



:   Her Dying Wish
Author:  Carla Kovach
Series:  Detective Gina Harte #10
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Mystery/Thrillers
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   356
Date of Publication:  December 16, 2021
My Rating:   5 Stars

DI Gina Harte is facing a very difficult case. At the same time she is being hounded by a reporter about her tragic past. If it were in his power, the reporter would ruin her. Gina discovers that he is being driven by her former brother-in-law. As disturbing as this is to Gina, she must focus on the case at hand. 

The case that needs to garner all of Gina’s attention is that of arson. A husband is dead and his wife and children were not at the scene. There is a very specific clue that alerts Gina and her team that this is something very personal. Could the wife have killed her husband? When another attack occurs a pattern starts to appear. When a conflict of interest occurs, Gina can’t help but worry about the pressure she is receiving from the journalist. 

I came into this thrilling series at book three and have really gotten to feel for Gina and for the past that never seems to leave her behind all while she fully invests herself into the victims that suffer terrible crimes. As Gina pushes hard when it comes to the case at hand a young child goes missing and Gina is certain that all of the crimes are connected. Will she find the arsonist from the first murder and will she find the boy before it is too late?

Carla Kovach has written yet another compelling addition to an exciting series. Indeed, what a cleverly written book that not only revealed the disturbing past that the victims experienced but Gina’s past might be the catalyst that could cause her life and career to be completely derailed. This played into Gina’s  incredible level of compassion towards the victims while she struggled to deal with conflicting emotions and decisions that she might be forced to make.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Carla Kovach is a crime and horror author from Worcestershire. Her most popular work, the DI Gina Harte series is published by Bookouture. As well as books, she also writes stage and screenplays.

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