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BLOG TOUR - The Daughter's Promise

Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for The Daughter's Promise by Sarah Clutton.


Family is everything to Willa. Adopted at birth, her loving husband and son are her safe haven, and the ones she has clung to while numbed by the pain of a recent loss. When a letter arrives, it opens a path for Willa to re-engage with life: she has inherited a house halfway across the world, in a town she’s never heard of, from a woman she doesn’t know. Her only guess is that Lillian Brooks could have been her birth mother.

Travelling to the inviting shores of Sisters Cove, Willa in entranced by the dilapidated old house she now owns, perched high on a windy cliff within the Merrivale Estate. But as she begins to look amongst the dusty photos and sealed boxes of papers left to her, it becomes clear that the truth about who Lillian really was is not at all what Willa expected.

At Merrivale, social butterfly Annabelle is intrigued by Willa’s arrival. Unable to have children herself, she feels drawn to this fragile, younger woman and is inspired to help her mend the cracks in her heart. But as a friendship grows between the two, the dark truth that connects them is exposed, and both are forced to make choices about the risks they’ll take for family, love and forgiveness.

An emotional, powerful novel full of dark secrets and family drama. Perfect for fans of The Silent Wife, Amanda Prowse and Sally Hepworth.


Title:   The Daughter's Promise
Author:   Sarah Clutton
Genre:   Women's Fiction
Publisher:  Bookouture
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   333
Date of Publication:   January 8, 2020
My Rating:   5 Stars

Willa is about to take a tip trip. Why did she receive a house in an inheritance, and in Sisters Cove in Australia? She doesn't even know who sent the letter. The mere thought of all of this induces her ever present anxiety. Will her husband and son be okay while she is gone? Will this trip allow her to continue to cope with the grief of losing her daughter two years ago?

Despite the fact that the house is actually falling apart, Willa is in awe. One person she meets upon arrival is Annabelle, who seems none too pleased to see Willa, especially once she states her purpose. So, there is indeed a mystery. When Willa reveals the fact that the letter came from someone named Lillian, Annabelle gets even more nervous.

What a touching story. I love how it went back and forth between past and present, slowly unveiling who Lillian was, how she and Anabelle knew one another, and how and if these two women had anything to do with Willa. As I started to realize the impact and changes that Willa would experience going further, I was even more invested in this story. Another thing that made me think in this story is how Willa dealt with her major anxiety and her triggers. Meanwhile, there was indeed a secret that would impact Willa and even others.

I loved this book by Sarah Clutton! I was drawn into the story from the very beginning and was able to enjoy an evening of reading this book from cover to cover.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Sarah Clutton is an Australian author and former lawyer whose debut novel, Good Little Liars, mixes suspense and domestic drama with nuanced characters. Having majored in psychology in her original degree, Sarah is fascinated by people. How does the past shape us? Can we can learn empathy? What determines the outcomes when moral and legal boundaries collide?

Sarah's work earned her the Dymocks/Fiona McIntosh Commercial Fiction Scholarship in 2018, a coveted national award run by one of Australia's most successful commercial fiction authors and sponsored by Australia's largest book chain. An alumna of the Australian Writers' Centre novel writing course, and with a mostly-finished Master of Arts (Writing) that she has no interest in finishing because she prefers making stuff up, Sarah lives with her family in the very pretty tourist town of Bowral, near Sydney. She has lived all over Australia, and if she didn't live in Bowral, she would live in Hobart, the most beautiful city she knows.

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