Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review: Batman, Volume 6: Bride or Burglar

Batman, Vol 6: Bride or Burglar 
by Tom King, Author; 
Mikel Janín, Illustrator

My rating:  4 Stars

I willingly confess that it has been years since I have seen a Batman movie, and decades since the television show, and I've never fully read a graphic novel, but when the opportunity to review this title came up, I gladly jumped at it. How exciting to read about Batman and Catwoman, whose altar ego is Selina Kyle, being engaged! The two were archenemies in years gone past, but now they are about to become a married couple. While the nuptials are approaching, chaos continues to abound, bringing both Batman and Catwoman to the brink of danger.

The story begins with a young idol of Batman's and of the terrible tragedy he has just experienced, that of the murder of his parents. This hits just a little too close to home to Bruce Wayne's own younger life. As Batman hunt's for the killer, there are things about his very life that he is brought face-to-face with, a past that he would've preferred to remain there, in the past. The drama continues to unfold as Batman and Wonder Woman are forced together during some strenuous situations, making their very futures look rather bleak. The villains abound, with a perfect level of action and continuity. One night, in the midst of all of the chaos, Catwoman sneaks off to try and find the perfect wedding dress. I just had to smile, because I almost cannot imagine Catwoman picking out her dress for the impending nuptials.

I am very glad that I picked up this graphic novel, and for several reasons. The art itself is outstanding, as is the storyline itself. The fact that there were shorter stories within made this an engaging read as well. As briefly mentioned, I loved the continuity of friends and foes. So much so that I immediately went over to NetGalley to request more titles. Also, I will be seeking out the advice of my future son-in-law, because he is a true aficionado if these types of novels.

I confess to being a newbie so I do hope that I did this review justice. Should I get to read another book of this nature, I now know more of what to expect, like the connected stories, flashbacks, and to expect a very quick read. By the way, now I see why people spend so much money on these novels, because they are enticing and people do want a lot of substance and the thinner ones end almost all too quickly. What is good about that, however, is that the reader is definitely left wanting more.

Many thanks to DC Entertainment and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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