Sunday, February 21, 2021

Review - What the Heart Wants

:   What the Heart Wants
Author:  Audrey Carlan
Series:  Wish #1
Publisher:  HQN
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Audiobook
No. of Pages:   318
Date of Publication:   July 28, 2020
My Rating:   4 Stars

From the #1 bestselling author of the beloved Calendar Girl books comes the first in a witty, wise and emotionally compelling new series, where coming home is just the beginning…

“Fly free.”

For ten years those words, written on pink parchment paper in her mother’s beautiful handwriting, have been Suda Kaye Ross’s guiding star. Every year on her birthday, Suda Kaye opens another of the letters her mother penned before she passed, heeding the advice inside as she fills her life with experiences. From Italy to Australia, from Rio to Russia, she’s slaked her wanderlust. And then, on her twenty-eighth birthday, she opens the letter that sends her home.

Returning to Colorado means confronting everything—and everyone—she left behind, including her cherished sister, Evie, and her first love, Camden Bryant. Suda Kaye and Cam spent four years and one unforgettable night together. Given the way she ran out on him, it’s no surprise that he’s wary, resentful…and engaged to someone else. Evie, hardworking and ├╝berresponsible, just wants her sister to put down roots at last.

For Evie’s sake, and her own, Suda Kaye is trying to build a new life, all the while wondering whether it’s too late to come back home—or if the most important part of her never really left. 


Sometimes children follow the paths their parents have set. That was the case with Suda Kaye Ross. Although madly in love with high school sweetheart Camden Bryant, after reading a letter left by her deceased mother, she decides to leave everything behind, including her sister and Cam. For her entire life, her mother was filled with wanderlust. Her mother traveled her entire life, and was only home for short periods of time. Her father was in the military so he was hardly ever around either. However, Suda Kaye had an idyllic life. She spent most of her time on the reservation with her grandfather and her beloved sister Evie.

When their mother died, the girls were given a packet of letters, instructed to open them each year on their birthday. It was the letter Suda Kaye opened on her 18th birthday that gave her the impetus to travel the world over. Ten years of fabulous experiences, something she would not have traded for the world. At the age of 28 now, the letter for this birthday was enough to give Suda Kaye the desire to go home.

Has her wanderlust been slaked? What about her relationship with Evie? More importantly, what about Cam? Suda Kaye's feet become firmly planted. She sets out a plan to open a business and to begin a new life. Cam immediately becomes part of that life - in a business sense. Personally, however, Cam is still broken due to the fact that Suda Kaye left when she did. They were destined to be together, but she destroyed that. 

Will the draw that Suda Kaye and Cam share be enough to leave the past behind and begin anew? Will the two find their way back to one another? Will they be able to build a future together, proving that their destinies do indeed line up? In this remarkable story by Audrey Carlan readers are treated to a warm, wonderful, often sexy story of two hearts that find a way to become one.


AudreyCarlan is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over 40 novels, including the worldwide phenomenon 
Calendar Girl serial, and her books have been translated into more than 30 languages across the globe. Audrey lives in the California Valley with her two children and the love of her life.

Twitter: @AudreyCarlan