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Title:   Fearless
Author:  Katie Golding
Series:  Moto Grand Prix #1
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casabanca
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   352
Date of Publication:   July 28, 2020
My Rating:   4 Stars


He’s got one last chance

To make things right 

Billy King may be smiling under his black Stetson, but the plain truth is this cowboy-turned-racer is hurting: for his horse back in Memphis, for his girl with one boot out the door, and for his faltering career thanks to an injury that’s not getting any better. The moment he’s free from the press circuit, Billy bolts home—resolved to heal, and ready to win Taryn’s heart a second time.

Hopefully, before the love of his life is gone for good. 

Taryn Ledell never wanted to fall for sweet blue eyes and a deep southern drawl. As a World Superbike racer, she had plans, and none of them involved playing second fiddle to any man. But now he’s back, and she’s forced to make some hard choices. With her sponsors eager for a decision, Taryn finds herself tangled in all the lines they’ve drawn in the sand. But broken bones and broken hearts don’t heal overnight, and the cost of forgiveness can be sky high: unless Billy can prove that his heart never left the ranch…or her.



Billy King is an accomplished motorcycle racer. However, he has a bad injury that just might keep him sidelined forever. Billy also enjoys spending time on his horse, but even spending time riding might be out of his reach for now. When he heads home to heal, especially considering the fact that he doesn't want anyone to know how badly he is injured, he runs into a competitor, Taryn, a woman whom Billy never quite let out of his heart and mind.

Billy and Taryn each gave as good at it could get. Things were not deemed to be easy for them - whether it was their racing careers or their relationship. One way that the reader could see the possibilities for them was the dual timeline in which this book was written. It was rather refreshing to see them as they once were (albeit briefly) and what the future could hold for them.

One thing that was never missing between the pair was the incredibly sexual chemistry. It was never lacking and was rather intense. However, strong pheromones don't always means happiness. It takes work and it was a joy watching Taryn and Billy work towards what would bring them the real joy they both needed and deserved. Beyond the sex, there was emotion in this story. Deep emotion that proved to be a strong catalyst for this wonderful story. 

Second chance romances are one of my favorite tropes in romance stories. I really enjoy couples working through their conflicts in order to find out what they need to really make things work. Well, in this book we get to see that. I truly loved this book and really cannot wait to see what is next in store for this series.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Katie Golding writes high-octane romance about complicated people always searching for the next thrill ride. She lives in Austin, Texas with her beloved husband and son.

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