Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Winter Blog Hop - What Platform Do You Use For Your Blog?

Bookish Blog Hops' Winter Hop Day 24: 

What Platform Do You Use For Your Blog?

It is day 24 already! Thank you Jo Lindsellfor creating these Blog Hops. I am glad to be a part of the Winter edition. As you can see, today's question is What Platform Do You Use For Your Blog?

Robin (me)

I will answer first. I am a year and a half into blogging. For me, it is Blooger. Not by choice, really, but kind of luck of the draw. I am very impulsive, and literally one day I decided I wanted to start a blog. I didn’t know anything about it at the time, nor did I know any bloggers. So, when I Googled blogging, Blogger came in as the first hit. Had it been WordPress, I likely would have selected that one. Blogger has done me good, and I even bought my own domain a while back. I often think of switching over to WordPress, but won’t do so without tons of research first. I am eager to learn more about things such as plug-ins, and from what I have seen, WordPress seems to have more in that area.

Jo Linsdell 

I’ve been using Blogger since I started out and love it. I set it up with my domain which I got through NameCheap.com. Blogger is super simple to use, and with a bit of html knowledge you can do just as much with it as with any of the other platforms. There’s also the obvious advantages of it being owned by Google. I did try using Wordpress for other blogs in the past but didn’t like it as much. I’m definitely team Blogger.

Erica Robyn

I use Wordpress for my blog now. I used to use Blogger and I absolutely loved it, but I wanted a change a short time ago. It took me a little while to figure things out, but now I’m absolutely loving the Wordpress platform! It allows me to do a lot more than the Blogger platform was set up for. Unfortunately in the switch, I did lose a bunch of followers… but my numbers are starting to slowly creep back up.

Leslie Conzatti 

Obviously, according to my blog address, I use the Blogger platform. I started there because I didn’t care about having all the choices and decisions to make through a separate site like Wordpress or Wix. I enjoyed the fact that it was connected to my Google account, and there for several years I had GooglePlus where I could share my blog posts for extra visibility and join communities and attract comments… That’s not the case any longer, and with the ending of GooglePlus, I had to switch the commenting back, so a lot of the GooglePlus comment threads are now lost forever… but I am slowly getting used to the new Blogger Dashboard format, and I like the way I could take a given template and use things like my own photo (of an artwork print I saw… but I’m the one who took the photo!) and different color and font choices, to make it look personal and tidy. I like the interfacing, too, how easy it is to just cut/paste when I want to share snippets of my stories--the only trouble is, there are a few formatting things that I just plain do not know how to do, so when the formatting glitches, it takes me a while to get things back to the way I want them, and even then, sometimes I don’t succeed. But I still like it too much not to change to anything else at this point! Almost 800 posts is nothing to sneeze at!


When I first started blogging, I absolutely hated WordPress. I didn’t really understand how to use it so I switched over to Blogger. I enjoyed Blogger for the time I used it, but as soon as I started getting serious about blogging, I realized it no longer fit for me. I switched back to WordPress, absorbed as many tutorials as I could, and have since fallen in love with the platform. Once I took the leap to self-hosting, I was hooked on WordPress. I’ll never go back :) 


  1. Well done - I post on 2 blogs, neither one started by me, and one is Blogger and the other WordPress.

  2. Blogger for Cats Luv Coffee Book Reviews and then girls at Wicked Cool Flight use WordPress so I've gotten to experience both.