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Review - The Next Mrs. Parrish

Title:    The Next Mrs. Parrish
Author Liv Constantine
Series:   Mrs. Parrish #2
Publisher:  Harper Paperbacks
Genre:   Mystery & Thrillers    
Format:  Kindle 
No. of Pages:   336
Date of Publication:   June 14, 2024
My Rating:   5 Stars

Daphne and Amber Parrish are thrust back into each other’s lives upon the resurgence of a long-forgotten threat, forcing a vicious game of cat and mouse where everything is on the line, in this thrilling sequel to the million-copy-bestselling Reese’s Book Club pick

Amber Patterson Parrish has come a long way from being an invisible wallflower. Her hard work and immaculate planning have paid off now that she’s a prominent socialite, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been bumps along the way. Less than a year since her husband Jackson’s tax-evasion scandal, Amber is still at the top of the Bishops Harbor community pecking order, free to do as she wishes while Jackson sits in prison. But that freedom is quickly coming to an end. With Jackson getting released from prison, Amber’s time—and money—is vanishing.

Meanwhile, Daphne Parrish left Bishops Harbor after her divorce from Jackson Parrish, swearing she would never go back. But when one of her daughters runs away from home, desperate to see her father, Daphne agrees to return for the summer to allow him supervised visits. Once out of prison, Jackson swears he’s a changed man, but Daphne knows all too well that he can’t be trusted.

When a ghost from Amber’s past emerges looking for revenge, the three of them find unlikely allies in one another, but who is playing who? When all is said and done, they’ll have to fight tooth and nail for everything they have left in this zero-sum game.

With shocking turns and entertaining characters, The Next Mrs. Parrish will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about duplicity and betrayal.


Bestselling authors Liv Constantine debuted with the million copy seller, The Last Mrs. Parrish in 2017. They have written four novels since then, but now their fans get to see what happened to Daphne and Amber Parrish after Amber's envious antics got her exactly what she wanted, and more, when she was successful at getting her new husband Jackson sent to prison due to a tax evasion scandal. Amber has Jackson right where she wants him and she is sitting rather pretty as she is now at the top of the pecking line in the Bishops Harbor community where she now resides. With Jackson's release date now coming quickly, Amber's plans need precise adjustments.

Meanwhile, Daphne Parrish lost everything when Amber's envy and greed supplanted her marriage to Jackson, and with two daughters, she finds herself struggling, especially when her older daughter Tallulah not only misses her father, but runs away. With Jackson's impending release, the only thing that Daphne feels she can do is to travel back to Bishops Harbor with the girls in order to facilitate supervised visits with their father. However, Daphne thought she put the entire Amber/Jackson drama in her rear view, but she soon learns that is not the case.

Although this book is the sequel to quite a successful book, it definitely takes on quite a different direction. Not only is Jackson proving to be just as conniving as Amber this time around, but a spotlight is shown as to what happened between Jackson and Daphne during the years they were married - namely, and significantly - domestic violence. Reading of DV (even in past tense) is never easy, and while the first book I felt like I was watching a train heading for a crash, this book gave me quite a different vibe. 

While Amber and Jackson are working on out-conniving one another, there is a new character who enters the story, and her name is Daisy Ann, and she proves to be nearly as vindictive as Amber. Daphne was in both the previous book and this one the most likable of the trio, it was quite interesting and often shocking to see the depths Amber, Jackson and Daisy Ann went to when they were working their schemes. Meanwhile, there is Tallulah and what kind of person she feels her father is and how wronged she feels about being away from him.
What an addictive thriller, and one that I loved as much as the first book. I had the opportunity to get the first book as an audiobook from my library, and I read this one immediately afterwards, which only intensified my connection to all of the characters - the adults and even the children. This book was a one-sitting read that kept me captivated from beginning to end.

Many thanks to Bantam and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


About Liv

Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Lynne and Valerie are Wall Street Journal and USA Today international bestselling authors with over one and a half million copies sold worldwide. They are Library Reads Hall of Fame authors.  Their books have been translated into 29 languages, are available in 34 countries, and are in development fozr both television and film.  Their books have been praised by The Washington Post, USA Today, The Sunday Times, People Magazine, and Good Morning America, among many others. Their debut novel, THE LAST MRS. PARRISH, is a Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection.

Lynne is a former marketing executive with a master’s degree  from Johns Hopkins University. She has explored coral reefs all over the world, sunken wrecks in the South Pacific, and fallen in love with angelfish in the Caribbean. When Lynne’s not writing, you can find her curled up with her Labrador and Golden Retrievers reading a good book or walking the beach thinking up devious plans for her characters.

Lynne also writes The Jack Logan series under the pen name L.C. Shaw. To learn more about her other books, visit or connect with her on Instagram or Twitter @LCShawAuthor.

Lynne serves as the Vice President, Education and Members Services of International Thriller Writers.

Valerie has always loved books and spent many nights reading by the light of her bedside lamp until 3 a.m. She lives with her husband and their brilliant Cavalier King Charles DaVinci.

Early in her career she served as a White House Assistant in the President’s Scheduling and Advance Office planning presidential trips and travel and has visited over forty foreign countries. When she’s not writing, you won’t find her, as she and her husband will be traveling to some faraway destination. Valerie has a degree in English Literature from University of Maryland where she graduated summa cum laude.

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