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Review - Just for the Summer

:   Just for the Summer
Author:  Abby Jimenez
Series:  Part of Your World #3
Genre:   Romance; Women's Fiction
Publisher:   Forever
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  432
Date of Publication:  April 2, 2024
My Rating:  5 Stars


Justin has a curse, and thanks to a Reddit thread, it's now all over the internet. Every woman he dates goes on to find their soul mate the second they break up. When a woman slides into his DMs with the same problem, they come up with a plan: They'll date each other and break up. Their curses will cancel each other’s out, and they’ll both go on to find the love of their lives. It’s a bonkers idea… and it just might work.

Emma hadn't planned that her next assignment as a traveling nurse would be in Minnesota, but she and her best friend agree that dating Justin is too good of an opportunity to pass up, especially when they get to rent an adorable cottage on a private island on Lake Minnetonka.

It's supposed to be a quick fling, just for the summer. But when Emma's toxic mother shows up and Justin has to assume guardianship of his three siblings, they're suddenly navigating a lot more than they expected–including catching real feelings for each other. What if this time Fate has actually brought the perfect pair together?


Here’s the quandary for Justin. Every time he becomes emotionally attached to a woman, she finds her soulmate upon their breakup. Via DM Justin meets Emma, and discovers she has the same curse. So, they decide that if they fake date one another, the reverse could happen for both of them. They will date, break up, and each will indeed find their soul mate.

As a traveling nurse, Emma will be in Minnesota for the foreseeable future, so this plan to fake date Justin is more than ideal. Thrown together more than either would have imagined, it doesn’t take Justin and Emma long to realize that their fake dating might not be fake at all. In fact, the pair begin to forge a solid relationship, and this just might end the curse that plagues them both. But, Emma only plans on being in town for the summer, she can’t see a long-term future with Justin, despite her growing feeling.

One of the things that I loved about this book is the family dynamics that both Justin and Emma had. Navigating their family situations, and catching real feelings, this young couple have a wonderful story. This book is the third book in the Part of This World series, and was just a fun and enjoyable as the first two books, thanks to a terrific story, very likable characters and a wonderful happy ending.

Many thanks to Forever and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Abby Jimenez is a Food Network champion, motivational speaker, and contemporary romance novelist living in Minnesota. Abby founded Nadia Cakes out of her home kitchen back in 2007. The bakery has since gone on to win numerous Food Network competitions and has amassed an international cult following. Abby's wry literary wit was spotlighted as the admin behind the hilarious viral comments on the now famous Nadia Cakes Vageode™ cake.

Abby loves a good romance, coffee, doglets, and not leaving the house. Her debut novel, The Friend Zone, is scheduled for release July 2019.

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