Thursday, July 5, 2018

Review: The Summer Getaway

The Summer Getaway 
by Tilly Tennant

My rating: 4 Stars

As Ashley Moon prepares for a dream holiday with her daughter in the French Riviera, she never would have expected the shock of her life. When Ashley was eighteen, she was on holiday and had a whirlwind romance that, nine months later, left her with her beautiful daughter Molly. It is now seventeen years later and the last man she ever expected to see again at the villa next door is none other than Molly's father, Haydon. 

Meanwhile, Ashley's daughter Molly and Haydon's daughter Ella become fast friends during the getaway week. This brings Ashley and Haydon together quite regularly, and, although they clearly remember their shared past, Haydon has no idea that Molly is his daughter, and Ashley struggles to find a way to let him know the truth.

Although I was eager for Ashley to tell Haydon the truth, the Summer Getaway is certainly a heartwarming story that had me smiling. Second-chance romances are one of my favorite type to read and this one did not disappoint. The story does an excellent job of focusing well on the relationships between Ashley and Molly as well as Haydon and Ella. I also enjoyed the other characters in this book. The story was very engaging, making this a quick and delightful read and offered a satisfying conclusion. I look forward to reading more of Tilly Tennant in the future.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Date of publication: July 11, 2018

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