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BLOG TOUR - The Bride to Be



What if saying yes was only the first mistake? 

Kate is getting married. It’s an exciting time, but she has some doubts - her partner Mark sometimes mistreats her, and she is beginning to wonder if he is really “the one”. 

Her concerns only grow when she spots a ridiculously happy couple during a wedding dress fitting. Realising that they have everything she wants, she becomes obsessed with the pair. 

She decides that the groom, Tristan, is her ideal man and becomes fixated on getting closer to him.  As she does, she discovers more and more about him and his seemingly perfect life with his bride-to-be, Tess. 

And realises that below the surface they have their problems too.

As the wedding draws nearer, Kate has some big decisions to make. 

Should she leave Mark? 

Is Tristan the one she should really be with? 

And what will happen when the dark secrets that both couples are hiding come out into the open?

The Bride To Be is an emotionally charged psychological thriller that’s packed with twists and intrigue. 

Title:   The Bride to Be
Author:  Daniel Hurst
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Psychological Thriller
Format:   Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   276
Date of Publication:   May 7, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars 

Not only is Kate’s wedding right around the corner, she hasn’t chosen her dress yet. She’s about to attend a hen party with her friends but there’s a much bigger problem than the fact that she hasn’t found the dress of her dreams. What is going on? Kate is in an abusive relationship with her partner, Mark. The emotional damage Kate experiences with Mark grows exponentially.

While shopping for her wedding dress one day Kate spots what she feels is the perfect couple. A beautiful bride to be and a dropdead gorgeous groom to be. To say that Kate becomes obsessed would be an understatement. She is quite crafty and discovers the names of the couple, with the man being named Tristan. Kate will go to any lengths possible to get close to Tristan, and that is where the story really takes off. 

Kate is not happy in her relationship, and if things go the way that she wants, just maybe things might not be so happy for that perfect couple she ran into at the bridal shop. Kate is now on a mission, and this means that she just might upset any future plans. 

Every now and again, you read books that have characters that you love to hate, and that’s how things are with Kate. Yes, she was a victim of domestic abuse with her partner, but she was also sneaky, conniving and dishonest. The question is, what about those two impending marriages? Would either of them take place? For an unputdownable domestic thriller, don’t miss this latest book by Daniel Hurst. 

Many thanks to Inkubator Books and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full length novels in his thirties. He lives in the North West of England, returning to his roots after several years away exploring the world and garnering plenty of ideas for future books!

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