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BLOG TOUR - The Woman a Number 6


A loyal wife. A handsome husband. Which one of them will kill to keep their secret?

When I first met Malcolm, I knew that he was everything I had ever wanted. When we had our beautiful, blue-eyed son Finn I felt like my life was finally complete. The past eight years have been the happiest of my life. 
Until now.

Because Malcolm’s been lying to me.

I’ve been following him. I finally saw him with 
her. How could he betray me and my darling boy? Of course, we all have our secrets. But everything I’ve done, I did for my son.

So I have a plan. When the police knock on our door tomorrow morning, Malcolm will have no clue what’s in store. All I need to do is pick up Finn and we can start our new life together.

But I don’t notice the car tailing me. The sudden crushing impact takes my breath away. As my heart pounds and my car is forced towards the rushing river below, my only thought is for my precious Finn. Because I know with certainty that if this is happening to me, then he’s in grave danger too…

Did Malcolm know what I was planning after all? Is this his revenge? Or worse, have my own secrets and lies finally caught up with me—
and has my time finally run out?

The Woman at Number 6 is a totally twisty and gripping psychological thriller that will have you wondering who to trust and turning the pages well into the night! Fans of Gone Girl, The Couple Next Door and T.M. Logan will be totally hooked.



Title:   The Woman at Number 6
Author:  Matthew Farrell
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:   Psychological Thriller 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:  357
Date of Publication:  April 26, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars

Tracy has gone missing. In fact, she was in a terrible car accident that has left her broken and battered. But, she is not alone. Someone is caring for her now and has promised to always care for her. However, Tracy’s husband and son are missing her. 

There is more going on. Tracy suspected her husband of having an affair. A woman named Kat has been murdered. What is the connection? With rapid changing twists and turns, and a few cleverly placed rabbit trails, this story was incredibly tense. 

I loved how the story began. Tracy calmly tells her husband Malcolm that she wants a divorce. She then leaves home and the real drama begins. She may have wanted to leave her husband, but what of their young son Finn? Where has Tracy gone and what of the car accident? And what of the murder of the woman named Kat? The police keep circling around Malcolm as they are trying to determine what role he plays in all of this. 

I was kept guessing throughout and just as I thought I knew who was responsible, I was thrown for a loop yet again. Great job, Matthew Farrell. Keep these thrilling books coming. 

Many thanks Bookouture to and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Matthew Farrell is the Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of the Adler & Dwyer thriller series. He lives just outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two daughters and is currently at work on his next novel. 


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